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App Localization Services-Increase Your Reach, Go Global

professional app localization services

App localization services refers to the adaptation of a particular app to meet specific language, cultural and social requirements of a specific target market. It directly and immediately affects the global reach of that app.

Surveys conducted have helped to find out that localizing of a specific application text resulted in significantly more number of downloads in various diverse geographic regions. As a result, there resulted a significant increase in revenue for the business in each of these regions due to application localization. The results are usually prompt and are visible within just a week of localization. If monitored on a regular basis, the number of downloads post localization will show an amazing rise.

The app localization services needs to take care of the various aspects. Numeric content modification is required to suit the specific target audience. Date and time format also need to be taken care of. The currency usage needs to be checked and localized according to the specific country or time zone. Collation and sorting of data and localization of symbols, icons and colours also need to be carried out. The usage of local jargons and typical proverbs and sayings need to be translated.

Cultural relevancy should be maintained. Quality and consistency needs to be preserved even after localization. The translators often belong to the native country to produce high quality app localization. Quality check of app localization services involves creating an environment that comprises multiple devices with varying screen sizes depending on the usage in that locale. Also rigorous checks are done to prevent clipped text, overlapping of content, faulty line wrapping, incorrect word breaks or punctuation or alphabetical sorting.

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