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Best Approach to Technical Translation

Technical translation is a specialized form of translation that involves conversion of technical text from one language to another. As such technical translation requires a specialized domain knowledge on the part of the translator. Tech translation might involve translation of documents/content related to engineering, medical, aeronautical, legal, pharmaceutical or other specialized domains. A slight error in a surgical document can lead to severe casualties; similarly, a minor translation error in an aeronautical design document can lead to severe mishaps. Given the criticality that comes along with technical translation services, companies/individuals involved in such services must follow a very specific work methodology.


A native translator with a rich experience in the said domain is the first and foremost requirement for a high quality, error free technical translation. The translation agency must choose the translator through a series of qualifying tests that check the translators’ understanding of the source/target languages and his/her hold on the technical domain. Post translation, the content must be reviewed by an industry expert in that subject and the language pair. Once reviewed, the content must undergo a thorough QA process to ensure a 100% error free, contextual tech translation. Such multi-tier approach leads to contextual, error free translation of technical content. Owing to the wide scope of technical translation, many technical translation companies in Delhi are strengthening their work flow and QA adherence.

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