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Bulgarian Translation Services-Expert Solution to All Bulgarian Translation Needs

Bulgarian Translation Services provides translation, interpretation and software localization in Bulgarian. For written translation from Bulgarian to any major language and vice versa, the translated documents are provided in any format desired by the client. For all types of editing of documents, customized layouts created to suit client specification. Quality check process makes it mandatory for Bulgarian Translation Services to proofread all documents thoroughly before sending but isolated proofreading job are also undertaken.

Be it complete websites that need to be translated or mere web pages that need localization, Bulgarian Translation Services does it all. In case, the entrepreneurs need comprehensive Bulgarian guidance of all sorts during their business trips, Bulgarian Translation Services can be of assistance here too.

Bulgarian Translation Services undertakes translation job of many varied types of projects, be it simple document translation, professional simultaneous interpretation or linguistic validation, consecutive interpretation or urgent transcription. There might also be typesetting and graphics related translation, voiceovers and subtitling, simultaneous interpretation, multicultural marketing, document management, staffing solution, deposition services, linguistic validation, virtual data room services and e-learning support.

Also the Bulgarian Translation Services caters to various different industries. Legal translation covering the entire range of legal and litigation services, financial translation that involves marketing material, fund reports, public offering, registration filings, monthly statements, fact sheets, etc. World-class technical translation needs, including globalization and management system support and medical translation involving patient surveys, packaging and labelling, protocols and product data sheets and all kinds of immigration related translation needs are smoothly and promptly taken care of by Bulgarian Translation Services.

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