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DTP- An Indispensable Part of Translation Services

Have you ever wondered why a translation company wants you to add DTP to your translation project requirement? Why is there so much hype and hoopla for this word “DTP”?

Well, let us explain!

DTP stands for desktop publishing service, which uses various page layout softwares for the creation of documents to have typographic quality text and images. DTP encompasses use of softwares such as Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Pdf, CorelDraw etc. to generate wide variety documents like menus, magazines, books, instructional manuals and brochures.

DTP blogNowadays, in this “Go Global” world, DTP has become a vital component of translation projects. The font and size of characters differs a lot in different languages. Hence, during a general translation of any document, there may be minor or major changes in the final layout from the original one. Further, it may also result in typographical errors. This may lead to the poor impression of the company, rejection of its products and at times, may attract lawsuits.

However, in DTP translation the format of the translated document is adjusted to match the layout of the original document. For this, DTP softwares extract content from original files, edit graphics, modify the style sheet, change the font to match the target language, adjust the layout to accommodate expansion and reduction of text etc.

DTP translation service providers ensure that your translated document reaches the target audience as intended and that too in a cost effective manner.

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