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E-learning Localization – Heavily in Demand!

Gone are the days when students used to read text books, used to make notes in their notebooks. This is the e-era. The term ‘notebook’ which referred to the conventional paper-pen style, has been replaced by laptops. Students are doing e-studies, books have become e-books and learning has become e-learning!

Content companies are preparing e-learning modules for all sectors – agriculture, micro-finance, education and so on. Elearning modules are mostly pictorial representations and sometimes animations that help the students/audience to grasp the concept quickly. Elearning modules are many a times focused on the grass root population of the society that cannot understand English.

elearning translation

For example – e-learning modules for micro finance targeted at villagers need to be in their local language , for them to comprehend. Here lies the demand for e-learning translation services


E-learning localization has been gaining prominence because the rationale behind e-learning modules is to ensure that the target audience understands the concept clearly and easily. As almost all content is developed in English these days, so the demand for e-learning translation companies in India is increasing. Also, in most of the cases, e-learning content is quite bulky as it normally covers a complete range of topics related to a particular concept and hence the increasing demand for e-learning translators.

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