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Game Translation/Localization Services

Game Translation/Localization Services is an inherent part of the global game business expansion strategies. To enable effective and quick Game Translation/Localization Services, a large network of professional game translators and native speakers are employed. State-of-the-art and industry-leading localization tools and platforms are employed for high-quality Game Translation/Localization Services.

To provide quality Game Translation/Localization Services consistently, the source text is carefully proof read and practical localization solution are designed. Game Translation/Localization Services may have a lot many related processes that require specific industry expertise, for example, game localization testing, video games localization, casual games localization, online gaming localization, computer games localization, MMO localization, mobile game localization and others.

International gaming business banks a lot on simultaneous release to market in the international market. In this case, the game manufacturers release all the languages of the game into the market simultaneously along with the release of the source language. This mass release might require urgent updates and re-translation at the last moment. The Game Translation/Localization Services industry caters to such requirements such as updating materials and last-minute changes, which are carried out with dedicated resources.

In the Game Translation/Localization Services industry communication symbols and signs play a crucial role in the adaptation process. Languages and expressions vary across regions even while conveying the same message. The linguistic differences are taken care of meticulously by experienced professionals.

Since the influence of games on the lives of children cannot be undermined, Game Translation/Localization Services industry should be extra vigilant regarding violence, interpretation, use of adult language, local slangs and cultural anomalies. Project management and planning, localization of interface, user manuals and print materials and graphics, translations of game scripts, testing, QA support and voice-over recordings are an integral part of the industry and require specific expertise.

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