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Increase your Marketing Reach – Get your Web App Localized!

web app localization services

This is the era of mobile and web applications. New mobile and web applications are being launched by almost every new age company to increase its marketing reach, create brand awareness and offer quick services. Needless to say, most mobile/web applications use English as the language interface (GUI language).However, as discussed in many of our earlier blogs, English is spoken only by a fraction of the total world population, thus, an English web application misses out to reach a major chunk of world population that does not speak/understand English. 

As such, localizing a web application into multiple languages looks imperative. Given this age of multi lingual marketing, most Marketing experts are understanding the need of localizing an application to the local language, to reach maximum ROI out of the development cost involved. Translating a mobile/web application to the native language of a user, increases the chances of his/her using the app. This global marketing mantra has led to a huge rush in the demand of web app localization services in India and rest of the world.





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