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Increasing Popularity of Assamese Language and Consequently Localization Market in Assam

Assamese is spoken across the North Eastern state of Assam, India. The popularity of the language has grown rapidly over the years. As more development is happening towards this portion of the country, more and more content is being translated from English to Assamese and vice-versa. Localization industry has always been linked to cross geography interactions. Given the fact that this portion of the country has not been interacting quite a lot with the rest, the translation industry has not blossomed here. However, with the development taking up in Assam and adjoining regions, the translation market is picking up.

As such, many Assamese translation companies India are coming up regularly that promise to offer high quality Assamese translation services. Such companies are starting up across the country. Many localization giants are also adding up services on Assamese. However, like any other language, high quality and accuracy are of paramount importance for any Assamese translation project. The translator must understand the source text carefully before translating it into Assamese. Machine tools, though available, cannot provide a contextual, error free translation. A company that has an ISO certification always has an edge over the other competitors as it has proven to deliver quality.

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