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Indian Language Translators – On a Roller Coaster!

India is strongly emerging as a commendable contributor to the global economy. Most MNCs have their presence in India. India is growing up as a strong design center for many software, manufacturing and electronics companies. Many new corporate offices are opening up regularly.

Globalization has definitely given the talented Indian youth, a chance to have multiple career opportunities. Now, globalization, of course has a lot to do with the local culture (and language). Being a land of diversity, there are over 30 dialects and languages spoken in India. Thus, a corporate opening up its branch office or setting up a trade relation with the country would need to align itself with the local language of that particular region.

Hindi is the Indian national language and is spoken across the northern zone. Thus, any interaction with the Northern part of the country should happen in Hindi. Considering that a document originally written in say, French, needs to be read by a native Hindi speaker, it would need to be converted (read as translated) into Hindi. Thus, the importance/relevance of Hindi translation. As discussed in one of our earlier blogs, translation is strongly emerging as a career opportunity for the youth and many reputed institutes are offering translation degrees/diplomas. With more and more interactions with the outer world, the demand for Professional Hindi translation services in Delhi has been increasing. (referred to Delhi specifically, because thats the National capital). Thus, Hindi translators definitely have a lot of work to do and are exploring career opportunities in this domain. As a consequence, we are observing many Hindi translation companies coming up regularly.

Going towards the southern portion of the country, Kerala is one of the most literate Indian states РMalayalam being the regional language. Thus, a document being shared by the Kerala govt with a company in UK, would need to be translated from Malayalam to English and vice-versa. Malayalam translation is emerging as a favorable career opportunity for the local youth. Translation as a career is also very useful for house wives and retired persons who can easily work from their home and take lucrative advantage of the growing field.  However, providing quality oriented Malayalam translation services is the job of an expert who must have a thorough understanding of both the source and target languages.

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