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Keeping The Target Audience in Mind – An Important Factor!

Translation is the conversion of documents from one language to another. That is, I must say, an ‘oversimplified’ definition of translation. When translating a document, an image, a website or a software from any language to any language, there are a lot many parameters to be considered – context, consistency, meaning, formatting etc. One of the most important and undermined factor is “Target audience”. As we all know, a sentence can be written in multiple ways. The same sentence can be written using a highly complicated language, an average language or a very simple lay man language.

As the content is translated for a particular audience, thus, keeping the audience in mind is a very important factor while translating. If the audience is technically strong, we can make use of a ‘high level’ language. However, if the audience is a lay man, we must use a colloquial tone that can actually touch their hearts and can convey the message crisp and clear.

Let us say, a manual is to be translated from English to Hindi. the audience for which is  technically sound. We can use a direct, to the point technical hindi language and convey the message clearly to the knowledgeable audience. However, if a public hearing is to be translated to Hindi which is to be understood by all types of people including the ‘common man’ which might include a rickshaw puller as well. Here, a quality oriented Hindi translation company shall provide a translation that is simple (in fact very simple), easy to comprehend and uses the local tone.

On the similar lines, if we talk of a course ware that is designed to train drivers in Chennai, then the local Tamil language has to be used. The tone of the text actually plays a very important role in impacting the target audience.

Thus, a professional translation company in Delhi or a company that wants to grow in the translation business must follow the ‘target audience’ guideline.



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