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Legal docs in Hindi – ‘mind the language’

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Hindi is widely used across the northern and central belt of India. Being the official language of the national capital, “Rajbhasha” is being promoted heavily by the central government. As such, most official conversations, product brochures, annual reports of PSUs, public grievance forms, insurance forms etc. are required in Hindi as well as English as per Government norms.

Most of the content – be it online forms, annual reports, tenders etc. are originally written in English. As such, the need for quality Hindi translation services in Delhi is imperative. More so, the quality point becomes even more relevant if we are referring to the translation of legal content. Legal content normally is written in a unique tone and involves some common legal jargons etc. Likewise, a legal Hindi translation company or a Hindi translator working on the translation of such documents, must ensure that the language used is of a legal nature and uses terms/phrases etc. which are clear, crisp and convey the exact meaning.

The title of this blog – is indicative of the fact that the language used for legal documents being translated in Hindi, cannot be same as that of a school book, or as that of a tourism website. It has to be crisp, concise and should use common legal phrases so that any legal department can identify with the translation.

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