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Multilingual Content and Mobile Applications

‘The world’s a global village’ – Samuel P. Huntington

When Mr.Huntington said this, little did he know that in this very global village, there will be a dire need for people to express themselves – and increasingly in their own languages or mother tongues. As modernity is on the rise, so is the need to hang on to our roots, cultures, traditions, values and most importantly, our language.

As mobile and smartphones have become a central feature of our daily lives, we reach out to them in different ways. From finding information on the nearest metro route when in a new city, to tracing applications that will suggest regional cuisine restaurants nearby. But what when we find this in our own language?


Indeed, it does make life easier for us. For the global citizen or a foreign traveller, multilingual apps are perhaps the most reliable guides. Big brands across the globe are recognizing the need to connect ‘glocally’ – a balanced mix of both local and global flavour in terms of content. Their apps are not only geography specific, but also language specific. No more is language a barrier to communication. This trend has led to a rise in demand for mobile app translation services across the globe.

Apps are fast gaining ground –  thanks to their highly experimentative qualities. In addition, brands associate with interactive apps that make use of local language and even slang for heightened brand awareness and outreach.

Hence, for anything ‘social’ to become truly and effectively ‘global’, multilingual apps are the way forward!

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