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Multilingual DTP professionals – an asset to Global marketing campaigns!

In this era, wherein almost every company intends to traverse geographical borders and go global, online marketing is arguably the cheapest, quickest and most effective means of marketing and branding. Now that we are talking of cross-country or cross-culture marketing, presenting content in a language understandable to the reader becomes the most important challenge. Different geographies speak different languages, and though, English is spoken quiet widely across the globe, many of the e-readers/e-visitors do not understand English and are more convenient reading content in their native language. As such, the marketing content (or for that matter, any other content) becomes more effective and generates more ROI, when presented to the reader in his/her mother tongue.

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Typing, editing and designing multi-lingual content is a task best performed by multilingual DTP professionals. Scripts for different languages use different fonts, not all of which are understandable by normal DTP professionals. A multilingual DTP expert knows the intricacies involved when working in multiple languages and knows the exact ‘setting’ changes that need to be done in a software tool when working on another language. Given that many languages such as Indian vernacular languages, Middle Eastern languages etc involve complex scripts, desktop publishing in multiple languages is definitely not a piece of cake! Many professional DTP companies in India  offer such services, but then choosing the one suitable for your work, depends on the skillset of the graphic/DTP experts in that company.

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