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Patriotism–A Language Understood by All !

India is a land of diversity. With hundreds of languages and dialects spoken across the country, you might face trouble in interacting / blog2understanding if you travel from the northern part of the country to the southern or vice versa. Besides the variation in language, the local culture for each state/region is very different from the other. Despite all this diversity, there is a sense of integrity in the country – the pride of being an Indian National.

We are towards the end of 66th year of Independence, and a lot has changed (for better) over the years. India has been developing at an amazing pace – the GDP has been increasing and the employability has been improving. More and more multinationals are setting up their core operations in India.

Business expansion across different Indian states and across different countries has led to the growth of translation/localization industry in India. A company in the eastern part of the country, planning to set up operations in the western part would need to translate its manuals, marketing collateral etc in the local language to gain the competitive edge. However, one language that is understood by one and all – across the country – is that of Patriotism. The whole country gets integrated on 15 August, which is celebrated as Independence Day and definitely, such a feeling does not need any explanation or translation!