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Running after Time – Don’t Forget Quality and Humanity!

As in any other service industry, the demand for translation in most cases is ‘urgent’. While many a time we have clients asking us to deliver a few pages within 2 hours, in some cases a book is expected back within a couple of days! While meeting aggressive timelines can be a USP for many agencies, however ‘meeting aggressive timelines with quality’ is the mantra for translation.

As discussed in many of our earlier blogs, translation involves humans and an accurate translation (to/from any language) can only be provided by professional native translators who have a strong hold on the source and target languages and a good hold on the subject at hand. Thus, any translation requires a definite ‘human’ time. The process of translation is more of a re-writing process where the source content is to be understood by the translator and then needs to be re-written in the target language (of course the text must comply with the target language grammar!).

Thus, a professional translation agency in India that wants to grow organically must take up aggressive timelines keeping in mind the quality process involved and educate the customer about the same. After all, customer delight is a mix of service time, service quality, response and many other human factors.


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