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Thriving in the Translation Industry – Quality a Mandate!

With the advent of globalization, more and more translation companies and professional translators are coming up regularly in India. These companies/individuals provide language translation or conversion into different languages. However, as in any other business, providing high quality output is a mandate for long term survival.

Coming to the basics, translation involves conversion of text from one language to another. While this might sound very simple, this is actually not the case. A translator must be able to understand the source text very clearly and should provide a translated version that is true, accurate and clear representation of the source. As discussed multiple times in our previous blogs, context is a very important factor in translation and a true translation contextually represents the source text in the target language.


Translation companies in India are working on multiple domains such as medical, legal, aeronautics, technical, manufacturing, design etc. Thus, the importance of quality cannot be undermined. A slightly wrong interpretation in a technical document, can lead to huge problems and sometimes, even casualties. Thus, maintaining a high quality (and of course, a rapid TAT) is very important for long term sustainability of any translation/localization company.

A well researched quality policy, native translators with rich experience and a strong project management can help companies achieve this!


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