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Tourism Industry and Legal Translation

The travel and tourism industry has been blossoming over the years and there has always been an age old relationship between the translation and tourism industry. There is a long list of documents that need to be presented in front of the visa officer when a person applies for Visa to a particular country. As is well-known, personal documents of any individual – birth certificate, identity card, mark lists, college degrees, marriage certificates etc. are normally generated by the local state government in the local language. The respective visa office, however, needs the documents in the national language spoken by that particular country. As such, the need for translation services to the tourism and travel industry is

As all these documents are of legal nature and mostly involve crisp, legal terminology, thus, normally the tourism industry looks for legal translation service companies in India. Given the end use of the documents and the problems which a slight error in translation can create, such visa doc translations must be done through a professional translator / translation company with utmost care. Any legal document must undergo a multi-level quality check to ensure that the output in the target language is high quality and completely error free.


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