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Urdu Translation Services: Expand Your Business the Urdu Way

Urdu has about 66 million native speakers, which sums up to about 0.99% of the world population. Urdu is mostly spoken in the countries of India and Pakistan. The language bears strong resemblance to Hindi. The most common language pair for translation is English to Urdu and Urdu to English. The types of documents that are usually presented for translation varies from marriage certificates, divorce papers, degree certificates, diplomas, passport to visa related documents. Urdu Translation Services also caters to marketing and sales documents, financial documents, bank and health related documents and government office documents.

Urdu Translation Services employs adequately qualified, professional and experienced translators trained to deliver the best quality Urdu translation jobs. Urdu Translation Services also guarantees producing quality translation at record turnaround time, delivering quality with quantity, customised translation, including literary and financial translation, scientific and technical translation, business and personal and confidential translation, academic and research related translation.

Urdu Translation Services demonstrates expertise in comprehensive web site translation. The content in most cases are notarised and also certified apart from being legalised. Subject matter experts are engaged for factually correct translations. Language experts ensure elimination of ambiguity and misinterpretation. Audio and video translations both are taken care of with equal dexterity. Proofreading service and quality controllers are consulted for error-free and high-quality translations. Medical translations and technical translations assume supreme importance at times where there is zero tolerance of error. Thus Urdu Translation Services takes care of critical documents with a lot of caution. Extensive researches are performed before final delivery and client requirement takes a front seat driving all translation projects. Certificate of authenticity marks the quality of services rendered by professional Urdu Translation Services.