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Using Machine Translation to Understand a Foreign Tender? Think Again!

Tender applications are a part and parcel of the business development team of any organization – big or small. When applying for foreign tenders, language often becomes a barrier as the BD team cannot understand the language in which the tender doc is written. Many a times, many of us, to save money, tend to use machine translation tools or online machine translation websites to get an understanding of the tender document.index1

However, this can be disastrous! Obviously, understanding a tender document thoroughly and correctly is the first step towards a successful tender bid. But, translating the tender document through machine software can really inhibit this first step itself. Many terms and conditions in any tender doc are of legal natures which need an extensive experience on the part of a translator to translate correctly. However, a machine translation that uses a word to word or a phrasal approach for translation cannot understand the context and hence cannot provide accurate tender translation.

Many professional companies are coming up that are offering quality tender translation services. Thus, approaching a professional tender translation agency that can offer quality translation is one of the first steps in understanding and hence successful application for a tender. Also, once the tender application has been drafted by the team in the local language, the same should be translated through professional human tender translators to ensure context based accurate tender proposal in the foreign language.

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