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What NOT to do in Translation —– continued…

In continuation with the blog series on what must NOT be done while translating/localizing content, let us move on to the next important parameter. Last week we discussed the importance of taking into consideration the target audience while translating content. This blog focuses on the relevance of culture and local dialect while translating.    LNB-B

We all would understand that the same language is spoken across different regions in a different tone, different dialect and sometimes, a little different terminology. The role of a particular region based translation becomes more important in case we are localizing a website or a marketing brochure (we have discussed in detail on the difference between localization and translation in our earlier blogs). Culture plays a very important role here. The same sentence with the same meaning is spoken in multiple ways depending on the region/locale. For instance – Hindi is spoken in different states in different parts of the country. Thus, region targeted Hindi translation services are the need of the hour. Such a translation directly hits the ‘heart’ of the audience and they can easily relate to the content. Thus, a bland translation without any cultural touch must not to be done by any professional translator.

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