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Document Translation

Quality Oriented Document Translation Company

We are an ISO 9001-2008 and EN 15038:2006 certified Document Translation Company offering translation services for your documents from any language to any language. We have a team of native translators, proofreaders and QA experts who ensure high quality document translation services. Irrespective of whether you have a small document having 1-2 pages or a large document having thousands of pages, we can do an accurate translation at highly competitive prices.

150+ Languages, 500+ Language Combinations

With a team of 3000+ native translators and reviewers, we offer document translation services in 150+ languages. These include European languages such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish etc; Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi etc; Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Persian, Sindhi etc; Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Latin American Spanish and others. Thus, no matter what language you want your document to be converted to/from, we can assist you.

Document Translation in All Domains, All File Formats

We have specialist native document translators who are experts in their respective domains. Our document translation portfolio includes:

– Legal documents (certificates, agreements etc)
– Medical documents
– Technical documents
– Project reports, Project thesis
– Annual reports
– Publishing content (Books/magazines/brochures/catalogues)
– Software User manuals, Machine Manuals

We work on all file formats. These formats include MS word (.doc/.docx), MS excel (.xls/.xlsx), MS PPT (.ppt/.pptx), Adobe Indesign (.indd), Adobe Pagemaker (.pgm), Adobe illustrator (.ai), Corel draw (.cdr), pdf and others. We return back the translated document in exactly the same format as the source.

Prompt Service, Life Time Warranty

You can simply get in touch with us through phone, email or web form and we shall get back to you with a free quotation within one hour. Our support team works round the clock. So, you can reach us any time and we shall provide you instant support. We undertake complete responsibility of our translation and shall do any updates/corrections any time, any number of times (our quality policy, though, ensures that no errors happen in our translation).

Document Translation + Design

If you wish to get your document translated and then designed in particular design software such as AI, Indesign, Corel draw, pm etc. You can simply share the source file with us and we shall provide a fully translated and designed file that can directly go for printing.

Quality and Confidentiality Policy

To ensure high quality document translation services, we follow a well researched quality policy policy that involves native translation, reviewers and is obeyed through a detailed quality checklist. As a customer friendly document translation company, headquartered in Delhi, India, we ensure complete confidentiality of your documents. We do not share or disclose your content/personal information with any third party.

Life Sciences Translation

Accurate Medical Translation

The translation of medical documents into foreign languages certainly requires a strong inclination towards medical field. Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation is a highly specialized discipline and should only be carried out by suitably qualified medical translators.

Our medical translation agency, LanguageNoBar, employs only specialist medical translators who are doctors or biomedical engineers, have experience in particular medical domains and have language degrees with rich medical translation experience. Such high quality medical translators with our extensive project management experience help us guarantee quality medical translation services.

Quality oriented Medical Translation Company, India

Our medical translation company has extensive experience in translating a wide range of medical Documents. Whether it is Cardiology, Dentistry, Endoscopy, Medicine, Prosthetics, Orthopedics or any other medical field, we have the technical expertise to carry out all types of medical translation services. Our blend of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts and project managers makes LanguageNoBar the ideal choice for even the most complex and specialist medical translation services.

Medical Translation Services that work for you!

Our team can handle any file format, so you can simply send us the source files for medical translation and we shall send you the translated output in the language of your choice. We work on all formats such as doc, xls, ppt, cdr, indd, jpeg, png etc. Also, you are free to choose the target file format!

We offer Medical translation in over 300 languages – both Indian and foreign. Some of the common ones include Hindi, French, Spanish, Urdu, German, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean etc.

In case something urgent has arrived and you are looking to get your files translated urgently, we offer Express Medical Translation Services at no extra cost.

As our own way of contributing to social causes, we offer translation to NGO’s and other non-profit social service organizations at highly subsidized rates and time-to-time we offer free medical translation services for such causes.

Quality Medical transcription services

We have an in house team of transcribers who can work on your audio/video files and create a text file. We have hi-fi audio equipments in place, thus enabling our transcribers to listen to each and every word clearly, hence offering accurate medical transcription services. Post transcription, we can translate the text into any language of your choice.

Translation + Design – one stop solution!

We provide end-to-end translation, design and printing solutions. Our in house team of designers works on the design part and gives you the output translated file (whether in corel draw, adobe indesign, adobe illustrator, pagemaker etc) in exactly the same design style as the source.

We are just an email/phone call away!

We are based near New Delhi, India and have a widespread branch network across the country – Pune, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Kochi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata etc.

Our client base is spread across the globe – USA (New York, Phoenix, San Jose etc), UK (London, Edinburgh etc), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne etc), South Africa, Europe (Paris, Italy, Switzerland etc) and other continents.

Quality & Confidentiality policy for medical translation

All our translations undergo a 3 step process – including dual quality check that is all translated documents undergo an expert review after translation by another expert. A second opinion helps eliminate any errors that could have crept in because of a single expert involvement. This quality process helps us ensure Accurate Medical Translation Services.

We respect your confidentiality and treat all your documents and personal information with utmost privacy. If needed, we can sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

Web/Software Localization

Software Localization Experts

Software localization is a specialized form of localization that involves translating software into the language spoken in a particular region. Software localization is different from normal document translation as the software needs to be ‘localized’ to the language, culture of a particular region and not merely translated into the target language. As an ISO 9001-2008 and EN 15038:2006 certified software Localization Company, we have a team of software engineers, linguists, project managers, software testing experts who strive to offer high quality software localization services.

Any type of Software, Any Language

Our team of software translators and proof-readers works on all types of software. Whether you wish to get the graphical user interface (GUI) of your software localized or you wish to get all the components of a software – including Help, GUI, code comments etc. localized, we can handle that with ease. We offer software translation services in over 150 languages including Asian, African, European, American and Indian. In case the software has any images that need to be localized, our graphic design team handles the DTP part, while our translators work on localization of the text involved.

Native Translators, Software Experts

All our software translators are software experts (mostly software engineers with strong linguistic skills). We have a team of 10000+ native software translators who work in over 150 languages. While localizing a software GUI, we ensure that the translation is as compact and impactful as the source. Our translators and reviewers understand that a designed GUI has limited space, and we ensure that our translation fits in the GUI designed originally.

Efficient Work Methodology, Multi-stage Quality Policy

Once you give us a go ahead, our project manager studies the software localization project in detail and prepares a detailed project plan. Based on your source/target language, and the software type, appropriate translators and proof readers are chosen. Our Project management work flow ensures that you are kept updated about the status of the project. Our proprietary multi stage quality policy ensures error free software localization. Once the software content is translated by a native translator, it is then proofread by another professional translator. Post proofreading, the project goes through our quality process. Our QA team does a thorough quality check with the help of a well-researched QA checklist.

Rest   Assured   –   We   Test   your   Localized   Software before   Delivery

Before delivering the localized software, we do rigorous software testing at our end. GUI testing ensures that the localized software looks as good as the original. This testing ensures that the localized strings are not overlapping, truncated etc. A contextual review/testing of the localized software ensures that the terms have been translated accurately and crisply. This ensures that the localized software gives exactly the same feel to the reader as the original software.

Multilingual Marketing of your Localized Software

Getting your software localized from us? Also want to plan a marketing strategy to market the localized software in the target country/region? Our multi lingual marketing services can be of great help. As a language services company, we have a team of marketing experts who handle multi lingual marketing of software products. So, we can not only offer you software localization services but also, device a multi lingual content marketing strategy to help market your software in the country you are targeting.

24×7 Support, Free Annual Maintenance

Our support team remains available round the clock to respond to all your queries. You can simply call us at +91-9717065419 or email us at As a professional software localization agency India, we offer free one year maintenance of the software that we localize. We offer services across the globe – New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Edinburgh, LA etc. We have a widespread branch network across India – Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai etc.

App Localization

Increase your sales – Get your app localized!

We offer premium quality mobile and web application localization services. Whether you need an IOS, Andriod, windows app or a web application to be localized, we can offer you high quality app translation. App localization is a specialized form of localization/translation that involves conversion of a complete application – mobile or on the web – to a new language. Term ‘localization’ is more commonly used in this regard as normally the translation is done considering a particular local region.

Mobile and web application files localized through native professionals

As a leading app localization company based in New Delhi, India, we can localize your web or mobile application into any language of your choice. We have a team of native professionals who have rich experience in translating software content. We are a quality oriented company and follow a multi-tier quality policy to ensure an accurate contextual translation.

Mobile app localization company for all Operating systems – IOS, Android, Windows mobile

We offer mobile app translation services for all types of mobile platforms – IOS, Android and Windows mobile. Thus, no matter what type of app you are developing or what platform it is meant for, you can simply share the source files with us and we shall hand over the completely translated mobile app in the language of your choice.

IOS app localization

Want to increase the user base for your app for Apple iphone or ipad? LanguageNoBar’s IOS app localization services can help you do so. Our professional approach coupled with our sense of urgency gives you high quality translated IOS application in a quick turnaround time.

Android app localization

Localizing your Android mobile application to your targeted country’s language can do wonders in improving your sales. Our team of native translators, our multi tier quality policy and our diligent QA team form the foundation of our quality oriented Android app localization services.

Windows mobile app localization

We can offer you the most competitive pricing and best quality for windows app localization services. Simply drop us an email or drop in a message and we shall get back to you within an hour. You can simply share the source files with us and get the localized version.

Web app localization

Not satisfied with your web application user-base? Let us know the target geography you are focusing on and we shall get the web app localized for you. Our project manager shall understand your requirements in detail including your target locale, target demography etc and offer you our customized web app localization services wherein the tone, flow and flavor of the language shall be determined based on your target audience.

Any format, any language

We work in over 150 languages, so, you are sure to have the target language of your choice in our language list. As a professional mobile app translation company, we accept all file formats – xml, properties, ini, resx, xlf, xtiff, json, po, yaml, yml, resw, resjson, strings etc.

Quality and Confidentiality assured

Our well researched quality policy ensures an accuracy level of over 99%. We completely understand that the source files of your app comprise your proprietary information and we ensure that the same is kept completely confidential and not shared with any third party.

Audio/Video Translation

Avail Phenomenal Audio-Video Translation Services From Trustworthy Source

People tend to speak differently than their writing. Majority of the languages adopt distinct style for writing text comparable to the spoken text. It is significant to make use of translators who are aware of audio experience. At LanguageNoBar, we have proficient audio translators with expertise in audio recordings that can make your project appear as though it is the original source of the selected language. A further concern is that languages utilize different amount of works to indicate the same meaning. Consider French for instance, it uses around 25% more words than that of English. Our audio translators comprehend the significance of having the translated text as long or as short as the original so that it could be recorded easily in the available time.

We apply separate styles to characters

When you have PowerPoint presentation having charts and moderator describing a particular item in that chart, you expect him to say it while laser indicates to the chart and not a minute later. Our audio translator keep such sort of synch points in mind and put all effort to translate them appropriately to make it simpler for the adaptation process as well as for speaker while recording.

We translate,

  • Videos of any subject
  • Telephone systems
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Audio books
  • Websites and other kinds of audio script

Our audio-video translation services use only professional and human translators for carrying out complete document translations. Our translators are all native language speakers, mostly residing in their native country and translate only into their native language to make sure the greatest quality translation possible. We consider quality seriously and use tested translators always.

Who can benefit of our translation service?

LanguageNoBar supplies all top-rated corporations, finance and legal companies, international marketing agencies, healthcare professionals, non-profit, governmental organizations and businesses of any size with superior and flawless audio-video translation services. You can trust

Excellent privacy

You can trust our service to complete your assignment in full confidentiality. You can trust our service for its sheer proficiency in multiple language video/audio translation services as we possess creditable experience in working for leading clients for about a decade. We can help you out with translation of audio scripts for

  • Seminars and conferences
  • Business meetings
  • Radio and TV shows
  • Educational videos
  • Podcasts, webcast and broadcast programs
  • Promotional and advertising material
  • Instruction and training material

We will take across every level of the process from translation, voice recording to timing and transcription, post processing and syncing to render you high-quality, finalized multimedia files in the preferred language of your target market. Our translators also work with highly sensitive multimedia files. They understand the importance of security and confidentiality and work accordingly.

Multilingual DTP

Multilingual DTP services through professionals

As a leading translation agency based in Delhi, India, we offer high quality, reliable Desk Top Publishing services. We have a team of DTP professionals and graphic designers who can work on multiple file formats and provide you with a finished document in a quick turn-around time.

DTP services in 150+ languages

We are experts in multi-lingual Desk Top Publishing and our team of professionals understands the intricacies involved when dealing with a language other than English. Whether you are looking to get DTP done for a European language (French, Spanish, German etc.), an Asian language (Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc.), a Middle Eastern language (Arabic, Hebrew etc.), an Indian language (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc.) or a African language ( Somali, Swahili etc.), our team is adept in handling all the fonts/scripts.

We work on all file formats

As a professional Desk Top Publishing Company, our DTP / Graphic design team works on all graphic software. These include Corel Draw, Illustrator, InDesign, PageMaker, Framemaker, Photoshop, MS word, MS excel, MS power point, MS access and others. As such we can work on .doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt, .pmd, .cdr, .indd, .ai, .psd etc

Worried about fonts? – Our team can handle them all!

Our team is well versed with the complex scripts such as those for Indian languages and for Middle Eastern languages. Thus, you can simply share your DTP project with us and we shall handle it all. We have a team capable of working on multiple fonts and software, thus, you are free to choose the font and file format as per your requirement.

Quick TAT, High quality, competitive pricing

Our well defined DTP / graphic design process ensures that you receive the best quality work in the shortest possible time. We are very focused on our time commitments and make sure that we keep up to them. Our rates are highly competitive and we offer good discounts on bulk/big volume projects.

24×7 service support, our wide spread branch network

LanguageNoBar is well known for its customer focus and our customer service team is ready to answer your queries any time. You can simply raise a ticket or give us a call and we shall resolve your concern quickly. We have a widespread branch network across India – Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Noida, and Gurgaon. We offer our services across the globe, so no matter where you are located, we are just an email/phone call away.

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With a team of 3000+ native translators and reviewers, we offer document translation services in 150+ languages.

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