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Conducting Clinical Trial In Israel ? Don’t Forget Hebrew Translation

Clinical trials are an important part of the pharmaceutical and clinical research industry. As clinical trials are conducted on patients so it is almost imperative that the consent / assent forms etc. that need to be shared with patients are in the local language.

As such, the relevance of quality translation services for clinical trials becomes obvious. As most documents are originally written in English, so a contextual translation of the content into patient’s mother tongue enables him/her to understand the content properly. This also increases the chances of voluntary participation of a patient in a clinical trial.

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Any trial that is to be conducted in Israel, thus, must have the relevant documents translated to Hebrew and Arabic. Though, both are used in the area, normally content needs translation into both these languages, as the patients might be split across different locales of the region. As such, most pharma/medical device companies look for professional Hebrew translation companies that can provide them with quality, contextual translation of their ICF’s etc.

As for any other domain, translation accuracy needs to be very high as the content needs to be understood and basis the translation, patients take a call on the trial.