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With the advent of business expansion to regional markets, the demand of Oriya translation services is on a rise. Oriya is an Indo-Aryan language and the official language of Orissa. The language has a rich literary heritage dating back to the thirteenth century. And if you are interested in boosting your business in regional areas, you need a strong command over Oriya. LanguageNoBar is a professional Oriya translation company, offering all kinds of Oriya translation services such as legal translation, medical translation, certified translation, technical translation, website and other document translation services, etc. We have translators with specific domain expertise, skills, background, and understanding so your projects are handled by the most relevant and expert Oriya translators. We provide translation services in more than 150 Indian and foreign languages and choose only native translators for any project. Also, our Oriya translators are 100% native speakers of the language. In addition to having in-depth knowledge and expertise in Oriya language, the native translators possess specialist knowledge in various fields like finance, engineering, literature, commerce, automotive, travel and tourism, medical, pharma, market research etc.Our Oriya translation agency, LanguageNoBar is an ISO certified translation company  with a strong project management, quality analysis, translation, proof-reading and review team. All our teams work in sync to offer exceptional quality and astonishing turnaround for all your Oriya translation requests.

Native and Professional Translators

Our Oriya translators have extensive experience and expertise in offering all kinds of Oriya translation services with ease and with highest accuracy. Our native Oriya translators make sure that the translation from any language to Oriya or vice versa, is purely context based and not merely a word to word translation. Our professional translators understand the cultural differences, the interpersonal equations, the business practices and the idioms that are part of the Oriya speaking community and incorporate these into the translated content. As a professional Oriya document translation company, our idea behind high-quality Oriya translation is that the translated document should appear to a reader as if it was originally written in Oriya. This enables you to effectively communicate with your audience without worrying about any errors that may inadvertently affect your business.

Quick, fast delivery time

Among professional online translation websites, LanguageNoBar is the leading choice because of the quality, speed and care provided. We manage complex Oriya translation workflows and handle any volume quickly and efficiently. If you need urgent English to Oriya translation services, then LanguageNoBar has brought express Oriya translation services for you. You can enjoy our Express Oriya translations without any extra cost and at any point of time. We follow a well-defined translation work methodology for all translation projects so that the projects are delivered on time with best possible quality.

Quality Policy

As a premium Oriya Translation Agency, we follow a multi-tier translation quality policy that includes translation and proofreading by native translators, review by senior translator and quality check by our QA team. Our dedicated project management team ensures a high-quality Oriya Translation and makes the whole process smooth for you. We provide accurate and culturally correct language translation services to our clients at the most competitive rates.Precise English to Oriya Translation ServicesWe employ only native translators for English to Oriya Translation. A perfect translation involves a feel of culture and slangs of the target language, thus a native Oriya Translator can translate your English document into Oriya in a manner, as if it was originally written in the Oriya language.Oriya to English Translation – meant for your business!All our translators who work on Oriya to English Translation are pure bilinguals who have an in-depth knowledge of both English and Oriya. This helps us provide you accurate and flawless Oriya to English Translation services

All fonts, file formats, Translation + Desk-top-publishing

We deliver fully formatted Oriya to English translation and English to Oriya translation to our customers. We work on all Oriya fonts, so, you just need to inform us about the font you need and we shall use the same without any extra cost.Our DTP experts are comfortable with all file formats – jpeg, Corel Draw, InDesign, pdf, MS Word (.doc), .xls etc. Thus, you can provide us the source doc in any format and we shall provide you the Oriya translated document in the format of your choice. LanguageNoBar assures affordable translation quotes for any type of document including academic, legal, medical and technical including professional report translation.You can share the source file in the format of your choice and our DTP team with handle the file format. Our translators, quality team, DTP, graphic design team work together to provide you a file with same layout as your source file.

Strict Confidentiality

We maintain strict guidelines in handling all sensitive materials and ensure utmost commitment to securing our client’s confidential information. We take all the necessary measures to prevent confidential project files and translated content from being accessed by unauthorized parties.

24*7 availability, all around the world

LanguageNoBar, as a top rated Oriya translation company in India takes great pride in providing high quality professional Oriya translation services to its customers throughout the world. We deliver Oriya translation services to every corner of the world without any inconvenience. We work round the clock to serve our customers and can be contacted anytime, from any corner of the world. Not only India, we provide Oriya translation services to other parts of the world like the UK, USA, Europe, UAE etc as well.Translation is the necessity for today’s world. So, contact team LanguageNoBar now, and get the Oriya translation services you need for your business.

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