Acquire Effectual Slovenian Translation Services and Expand Your Business Function

Slovene is the official language spoken in Slovenia and it is also the mother tongue of about 2.5 million people. It is a regional language in Hungary, Italy and Austria. Translation is not merely about taking words and determining the closest match with another language. To acquire a natural style and tone, a proper understanding of the subtitles of phrases, words and meaning is necessary, both in the original as well as the translated language. Our Slovenian translators are committed to offering professional, high-quality translation services that cater to your business objectives. The range of Slovene Translation Services offered by LanguageNoBar include,

  • Marketing translation
  • Technical translation
  • Legal translation
  • Financial translation
  • Translation for government
  • Translation for non-profits and charities
  • Software translation
  • Website translation

We deliver elegantly presented and very high quality translations at extremely competitive rates. Our Slovene Translation Services renders a swift, professional and best-quality translation. We also assure customer confidentiality.

Meet your complete translation requirements

Do you want to translate information about new product into Slovenian? Do you require a Slovenian interpreter for your product press release? LanguageNoBar offers a professional Slovenian translation services in every domain, including subtitle, document translation and transcription, etc. We also translate from English to Slovenian and Slovenian to English. We are specialized in Slovenian localization and translation to meet the market scope and media. We employ only native and professional Slovenian translators to translate your projects. They are experienced in different fields including sources of documents and industries, like oil and gas or energy, automotive and so on. We offer Slovene Translation Services for all kinds of documents,

  • Healthcare information
  • Reports translation
  • Certificates
  • Business proposal
  • Education information catalog
  • Legal contracts and employment
  • Company manual
  • Government environmental report
  • Immigration information

LanguageNoBar also offers reliable Slovenian website translation services. Our translators can able to translate your website from English to Slovenian and vice versa. Our team of expert Slovenian website engineers will offer technical support. We work with all kinds of formats including Drupal. Our Slovenian website localization service is also offered to make the content suit the latest trends in the market. We offer our translation services for different kinds of websites including personal website, service and product website, online shopping website, education training website, etc. You may even want to transcribe press conference or one-on-one interview. LanguageNoBar offers a quality and spotless Slovenian transcription services and bring quality in the all the works that it do.

Our specialization

Whether your Slovenian translation requirement is large or small, our translation services will be right there to guide you with your translation requirements. Our Slovene Translation Services team contains experienced document translators who are specialized in translating several different kinds of documents including birth/death certificates, divorce decrees, marriage certificates, transcripts and diplomas and other Slovenian document that you may want translated. We have qualified Slovenian software engineers as well as quality assurance editors who can able to localize any website or software product. We can translate any Slovenian website professionally, no matter whether it is a simple HTML website or a highly advanced Perl/PHP/Java driven website. Localizing your website can be made easier with us and it will also be a cost-effective investment for you.

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