Chinese Translation made easy

Chinese is considered to be one of the toughest languages to learn due to tens of thousands of characters. About 1.2 billion people speak some form of Chinese as their first language and businesses need to have a strong hold of the local language to enter this gigantic market.Through accurate translations, LanguageNoBar, a leading Chinese translation company in India, delivers industry-specific expertise for reaching out to new global customers and helps to perpetuate a consistent corporate brand name. We are specialists in providing Chinese translation services in the industry. We have a team of well versed qualified and skilled Chinese translators and our native Chinese linguists can help you communicate to a global audience by getting your content translated precisely and without any error.  At LanguageNoBar, we ensure flexibility and scalability in meeting the demands of professional chinese translation and localization service for all industries. We provide emphasis on our translation quality as an upshot of our experience and excellence. Due to our industry expertise, our customers have been benefiting from our professionalism and our high standards of quality in Chinese translation services.We are language experts in a wide variety of disciplines and we can translate your documents, files, website or software in specialist areas such as technology, law, business, medicine and insurance. Adapting a Chinese text to the linguistic and cultural norms of its target market is very important, just as important as translating the words. This is an integral part of all our Chinese translation services, for all text types. In addition to this, we can also carry out full document, software and website translation services to ensure successful penetration in the international markets.

Error free Chinese Translation Services

As a professional Chinese translation company, for the highest quality Chinese translation services, we rely exclusively on qualified translators who deliver professional, reliable results aligned with customer needs and textual demands on the basis of their many years of experience. Our native Chinese translators combine linguistic flair and professional expertise to respond to your needs and requirements and tackle your translation projects with dedication and efficiency. They are well aware of the cultural nuances and references and adapt certain phrases and idioms to suit the target cultural group. We offer all types of document translation services – whether you are looking for Simplified Chinese translation or Traditional Chinese translation.

Precise and Accurate English to Chinese Translation

We employ only native translators for English to Chinese Translation. Our skilled translators understand the cultural nuances and terminologies of the target language and shall deliver you your English document into Chinese in a manner, as if it was originally written in the Chinese language.

Professional Chinese to English Translation

All our translators who work on Chinese to English Translation. are pure bilinguals who have an in-depth knowledge of both English and Chinese. This helps us provide you accurate and flawless Chinese to English Translation services.

Chinese Translations- Quality Policy

Our experienced team always provides you with reliable and individual support. Our dedicated and qualified project management team is responsible for ensuring dependable and effective execution of your projects until completion of your target language documentation. While regularly checking the standards of our translators, we check the quality of our work through our multi-tier translation quality policy. Each and every translation we produce is thoroughly quality controlled before we send it to you – this includes translation, proofreading, review and a final check by our QA team.Our team includes experienced DTP professionals and graphic designers who can work on all file formats and fonts and can deliver print-ready DTP in the Chinese language – including layout control and final proofreading.. They enable you to communicate with worldwide customers using your multilingual product catalogues, manuals, technical documentation or company brochures. Depending on your requirements, you will receive the printable data in a layout application (InDesign/CorelDraw/Illustrator or QuarkXPress) or as a print-ready PDF. Our Chinese translator works in close collaboration with the graphic designer to provide you with a final document that is complete in artwork and ready for printing

Quick Translation Services

From time to time Chinese or Mandarin translations have to be done urgently. As a certified translation company, LanguageNoBar can offer you express Chinese translation services. Thanks to our network of professional translators and well organized project management we can get to work immediately thereby ensuring that you receive your translation on time and on the date agreed. Our strict confidentiality policy ensures that none of your confidential documents / information is shared with any third party.

Our Chinese Translation Services – across the globe!

As a worldwide Chinese translation agency, our network of offices throughout the world makes us one of the most dependable and global language translation companies. You can simply contact us as per your convenience and our customer care executive shall respond to you promptly and offer you a free quote. Our representatives are available across all major Indian cities and across the globe, in all continents.We make communication understandable. Around the clock! In the highest quality and with the professional and reliable translators. Contact us today!

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