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Transcription involves listening to audio and converting it into a text format. However, this definition is oversimplified and might indicate that any one who knows a particular language can transcribe in that language! Transcription, however, is a professional’s job and only a professional who has a strong hold on the language along with a solid domain expertise, can do this job with good quality.LanguageNoBar is a professional Transcription Services Company and we offer transcription and translation services in over 300 Indian and foreign languages.

Affordable Transcription Services Company in India

At LanguageNoBar, we believe in high quality error-free transcription and have a team of transcribers in different languages. Our transcribers are professional with over 8 years experience in their respective domains. Our high quality audio headphones ensure that the audio is heard by the transcriber in a crystal clear tone and the chances of error are minimized.

Audio Transcription – Quality Pollicy

As a company, we are strongly focused on quality and follow a three tier quality policy to ensure error free transcription:1)The audio is transcribed by our expert2)The created text file is re-read to ensure flow as per the source3)The text file and the audio are then rechecked by another expert to ensure quality transcription.

Looking to convert an audio/video into a different language?

If you need to convert your audio /video files into text files in a different language, then we are your one point stop for both transcription and translation services. Our transcribers first convert the audio into a text file and then the same is translated by our professional translators. In case you need an output audio/video, we offer voice – over services as well.

Transcription Domains

We offer multi language transcription services in almost all domains. The most common ones are: -Business - Legal - Medical -Media -Insurance -Education

Quality Transcription Services across the globe

We are based in the Indian capital and have a widespread branch network across the country – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune etc. We have our business partners spread across the globe – USA – New York, LA, San Jose etc.; UK – London, Edinburgh, Glasgow etc; Australia – Perth, Sydney, Melbourne etc.

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