Boost your global research through Survey localization

Surveys / Questionnaires are one of the key elements of Market Research for any product / service and most of the brands are dependent on these for evaluation their market position / opportunities. While for most surveys, the base language is English, it is noteworthy that English, though spoken extensively, may not be the preferred language of all geographies and may not be understood by some. As such, the scope and significance of Survey / Questionnaire translation for market research is evident.Survey questions and responses in respondent’s local language not only ensures a clear understanding of the survey but also ensures that the actual candid responses are obtained from the respondents in their mother tongue. As is a proven fact, most people prefer to converse, write, read in their native language or mother tongue.At LanguageNoBar, our team of survey translators / translation specialists practices a scientific approach in the translation of a huge variety of multi-market research projects. The projects include deeper-level consumer research pertaining to varied industries such as banking, finance, retail, IT/ITES and many more. There are various customer satisfaction surveys conducted to gauge the market response and further business propositions. This helps the companies to design various employee engagement programmes and brand trackers. Surveys on customer loyalty also play an important part. For specialist fields such as engineering, healthcare and pharmaceutical research, survey translation is done by fully trained survey localization experts who have rich experience in their respective domains.

Promptness of service increases business bandwidth

Prompt catering to customers and superb services responsiveness brings an added advantage to business dimensions. Our professional team and excellent coordination along with well-defined work flow ensure that survey translation services are of high quality and the best in the industry. A strict supervision by subject matter experts ensures that the translations are error-free and adhere to the prevalent industry standards.

Conduct deeper market analysis to expand business reach

Easy amendments and hassle-free file handling, commercially viable survey scripting platforms, automated and seamless file transfer mechanism, easily scalable and integrated technology to suit market demands and client specifications are some of our key advantages which help us emerge as the leading survey translation company in India and the world.Not only for market research, a survey may be used internally within an organization to gauge its employees productivity, within a society for a specific purpose or with any other implication. Our team of 5000+ survey translators works in 150+ languages and 50+ domains to offer you the perfect survey translation services you need.

The fastest and the most reliable market survey translation

Experienced linguist panel delivers a brilliant combination of the best-in-industry translation, transcription and localization experience. We are versatile and cater to a wide multitude of industries such as, legal, financial, business, medical, technological, financial, retail, engineering and scientific. A service that is simple yet reliable. A survey translation service that constantly exceeds client expectations and works hard to maintain a cordial, smooth and professional relationship with all clients, we are ready with any kind of trouble-shooting and problem solving solutions that reap major benefits in the short and long run.The advanced technological features allow multiple languages to be added to a single survey. The clients can access and avail the particular language that they are comfortable with. One survey thus covers multiple languages for the benefit of multiple clients. We also provide clear-cut and transparent methods of interpreting and analysing data for each survey translation. Multiple survey platforms are used to provide the best-in-class user experience. Manual intervention is kept minimum in order to lower the chances of introducing errors in the end product while going through the process. Spelling errors, repetitive content, ambiguity are eliminated with great care.

Unique Survey Translation Experience

Translating the online quantitative surveys forms an important and inherent part of market research translation services of any kind. There are so many different languages worldwide to cater to and with high volumes of work getting translated every day on a regular basis, we pay special attention to speed and accuracy of services. Translating survey questionnaire needs industry experience and language expertise, both of which we have.The project managers along with our experienced translators take enough care to understand and implement the specific needs of the client and it is only after a thorough and clear mutual understanding does the team undertake implementation. Files are exported directly from the survey platform to streamline the entire process and increase efficiency both by means of quality and quantity.

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