Social Media Translation: Communicate with your New Age customers in their language!

Spreading the excitement and furore of reaching a global audience in a mass scale can effectively be attained through social media translation. The desired content is translated into multitudes of languages and globalizes the content for various different social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Importance of Social Media Translation

Social Media Translation includes translation of online posts, blogs, articles, captions and video subtitling. Moreover, apart from translating the core or official/functional social media content, user-generated content is also translated for greater visibility and impact. User generated content usually refers to the product reviews and ratings, blog posts and various comments of product and service users on the social media. The user generated content plays an extremely important role in ruling the user consciousness that impacts the purchasing decision. With the recent technological advancement in the e-commerce domain, information on Internet has assumed an even bigger role in setting trends and generating customer base for any product or service. Consumers/purchasers conduct a thorough market research before buying any product. User satisfaction as well as dissatisfaction is expressed dominantly across the various social media circles.

Social Media translation can make a product/service go a smashing success in the global market. English, in spite of being a dominant international language, is spoken by just 335 million people across the globe. That still leaves a lot of people who do not speak English in a world population of more than 7 billion. And it is a proven fact that any content for any consumer is a lot more convincing when it is read in mother tongue.

Challenges of Social Media Translation

There are several challenges of Social Media Translation that can get in the way of a smooth transition process. Translating a given content to suit the interest of the targeted clientele and retaining the same quality and generating similarly powerful interest can be challenging. Too much of focus in keeping the essence of the original content unaltered might result in production of content that reads or sounds uninteresting. Also the character limitation challenges of various social media platforms, Twitter to name one, can pose additional challenges. Moreover, the cultural transitional anomaly has to be kept strictly in mind while carrying out translation. Since the social media platforms offer very little restriction to their users when it comes to expressions, the users often use technical jargons, buzzwords and language specific idioms and sayings that might be difficult to translate. In such cases, the cultural conventions and culturally offensive expressions need to be handled sensitively. When it comes to making the social media translation utmost effective, discretion also needs to be used in deciding what to translate and what not to. There are a lot of irrelevant content very often floating in the social media circles that are best left alone.

Hashtags are often an effective way of engaging viewers. Applying hashtags has got a lot more to consider than just using the Hashtag symbol before any content prior to publishing it. The hashtags have to be used judiciously with a vision of the targeted audience and the effect you want to engender among your targeted audience. The hashtags are most effective when they can be related to the brand that is being marketed. The hashtag should define the purpose of the brand and the community for which it is being designed.

Social Media translation @ LanguageNoBar

At LanguageNoBar, we have a team of young, tech savvy, dynamic translators who work in 150+ languages thus helping us offer high quality social media translations. We are a tech savvy company and ensure that the latest CAT tools along with the most simplistic and efficient APIs are used by our native professional translators to ensure that all the social media content – facebook feeds, twitter feeds/tweets, youtube video captions, Instagram image captions or blog posts - is translated in the most efficient way with high quality human translation.

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