High Quality Mobile, Web App Localization Testing

Adapting mobile apps and web apps to another language is extremely important for any business, especially if you are serious about conducting business globally. While localizing your entire mobile and web apps work out well, it can be a huge task that should be handled only by an experienced company. App localization services involve translating textual content and modifying the app to make it easier for adding functional elements targeted at a specific international market.As a matter of the fact, both mobile and web app localization involves the same principles. If you have decided to incorporate this technology with your business, you should give utmost consideration to maintainusability.

Mobile And Web App Localization:

With several years of experience in localization industry, our certified team of multilingual native translators provides you exactly what you are looking for. We are committed to provide customized mobile app and Web app localization services that best suit your requirements.

Our professionals opt for aggressive approach which has taken us to the No.1 position. We have gained immense experience and professionalism by working with large companies of diverse industry. We have helped a lot of customers by delivering the best quality localization services for mobile and web app.

Our Specialties in Mobile App Localization:

  • We are capable of providing localization services for Android and iOS apps at the competitive prices.
  • We can also handle challenges in display and keyboard functionalities for various foreign markets.
  • We assure that you can enjoy reliable mobile app localization regardless of the platform.
  • Our team of experts also has proficiency in providing mobile app testing services for numerous languages and operating systems.
  • We also help in improving app design for handling various issues including foreign language
  • We have in-depth understanding of global market and the best practices and ensure that your global audience will certainly have a positive experience while using your app.

Mobile App Testing:

  • We offer mobile app testing services through which you can collect information in an organized and consistent manner.
  • We ensure that our testing tools work properly even on the recent version of your mobile app to report bugs.
  • If anything goes wrong, we will send a crash report with the complete information that you may require to address the problem as soon as possible.

Our Specialties In Web App Localization:

  • We have immense experience in website localization and translation technology. Our company has a team of professionals who are specialized in globalization and localization of web text in an efficient manner.
  • We adapt the contents of your website to the cultural and linguistic system of your target language.
  • You can expect our communication to be apt for stylistic and technical standards in your target market.
  • We even transform graphical and scripting components to meet the linguistic requirements.

Web App Testing:

  • We deliver a complete range of web application testing services to ensure that your software is in accordance with security, functional and usability standard of quality.
  • When we carry out web application testing, we will examine your website for potential bugs and provide you with the necessary solution.
  • We use cutting edge testing tools to make your web application testing of better quality and less expensive.
  • Our dedicated project manager facilitates 24x7 communication process between the teams of developers and testers. So, you can interact with them at any time, regardless of day and night.

So, get in touch with us to ensure success across borders and cultures.

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