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To put it simply, localization is an advanced version of the translation. The dawn of this modern digital era has intertwined the whole world. Every business capable is targeting a new market, starting from digital platforms. In this scenario, a mere translation of texts, websites, or brochures is not going to cut it. Instead, mere translations are more likely to put your business into an embarrassing situation and so have happened many times. That’s what gave birth to localization. A new way of transformed translation in which the gist remains the same but the content is created from scratch. Localization is essential for businesses aiming to enter a new market belonging to a different linguistic region. For this, in every medium of communication, the language must be native to the region. Localization is an extensive process of converting texts, media, and other forms of content into a target language accenting highly on culture, region, and linguistic variances of the locale or the market. It involves converting currency, measuring units, date and time formats, local slangs, and idioms, etc

Types of Localization Services We Offer

Languagenobar focuses on creating this transformation as smoothly as possible. Our localization experts are not only adroit in the language and technical know-how but also have vast knowledge about the social and traditional norms. This enables us to prov

Languagenobar is tech-driven and result-oriented, our sole emphasis is on providing the best quality localization services to clients and meet their expectations. Our extensive quality testing and quality assurance programs ensure the suitability and

Key Features of Our Localization Services

Our localization services provide you with the socially and culturally acceptable conversion of your website content and other marketing hand-outs, enabling you to communicate better with your potential customers. Localization is an arduous process and we at langaugenobar, handle it with utmost care and creativity.

Technical Expertise

We have teams of linguistic and software experts with superior knowledge and skills to make this complex localization process go smooth and effortlessly.                             

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance program at languagenobar is second none. Our rigorous analysis and improvement procedures ensure to provide you with the best localization services.

User Experience

Our technical experts and language professionals work on providing a seamless experience to your users by making a culturally viable and placid localization.

Secure & Confidential

We value the privacy and confidentiality of every document, content, or any form of data. Our stern belief and security measures have won us three major ISO certifications.

Why only Languagenobar?

Languagenobar is a prime localization & translation agency with clients ranging from normal businesses to corporate giants of the country. Providing exclusive and superior services customized at clients’ request is our major plus. In addition to that achieving client satisfaction has always been our top priority. Our linguistic proficiency, technical superiority, and client satisfactory services have earned us the three major ISO certifications that make the quality of our service axiomatic.


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