Get a Multilingual Website To Give Your Business a Comprehensive Visibility

It has been proven through research and surveys that a website that is written in customer’s language yields much higher sales. It takes efforts to design a website, setting up a layout and getting the content right. Therefore, it is important to offer a multilingual website if you are aiming at international/cross-cultural business expansion. Getting websites translated into multiple languages is becoming a mandate for most businesses these days as skillful website translation can attract thousands of potential customers to your website. LanguageNoBar offers high quality website translation services in 150+ languages. Thus, if you wish to get your website localized into any particular language, you can simply get in touch and we shall provide you high quality contextual translation in a quick turnaround time.

Accurate Website Translation and Localization Services

LanguageNoBar is a one stop solution for those looking for website translations in different languages. As an ISO ISO 9001-2008, ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified company, we are very focused on quality and are offering high quality document translation services, website translation services, app/software localization services in multiple languages and dialects. We understand that providing the right website translation in the language of your customers can prove to be game-changing for your company. Thus, we deploy only native website translators and domain experts for website localization services. We follow a well formulated, proprietary multi-tier translation quality policy that includes translation and then proofreading by another native translator. The project then undergoes our QA check through our dedicated quality team that holistically follows a detailed quality checklist.

Fast, Hassle Free Website Translation Services

Do not have the source documents for the web pages? Don’t worry. Share the source code/source web pages with us and as a professional translation agency India, we shall give you fully translated web pages which you can directly upload and make live to the world! We offer localization of web pages in all web technologies – html, css, php, wordpress, java, joomla, java script, flash etc. We always strive to offer our services in the fastest time possible. Our professional services make it easy to translate your web content into any language of your choice, no matter what format it is in.

Get your Website Translated into Multiple Languages at Competitive Prices

We offer highly cost effective website translation services. You can compare our prices vis-à-vis the translation quality that we offer with any other translation company and you will find out that we offer the best value for money. In case you give us a bulk order that involves translating your website into multiple languages, we shall offer you heavy discounts on our website translation services.

Get your Website Localized, Not Merely Translated

Most of the languages vary across different countries and borders and it is therefore crucial to have a professional translator who understands the local preferences of your target market, including cultural preferences and writing style. Localizing the websites makes it better for the native speakers to explore products & services. Website localizationservices require adapting the source language and other site elements to meet the cultural expectations of the user and hence require professionals who have extensive experience in this field. Professional website translation services will eventually help you to increase your user base and rank higher in search results.LanguageNoBar has native website translators who ensure that your website is actually localized as per the local geography that you are targeting. This means that we ensure that the language flavour of your website is as per the local accent and uses terminologies/slangs that are used by the local customers you are targeting. Any attempt to establish your business in a new or international market must be accompanied by quality website translation which takes care of the cultural sensitivity of the country concerned. Hence, you can entrust us for website, document, legal or accurate medical translation services for your international business.

Free   Instant   Quote,   Unmatched   Services, Unparalleled   Support

Simply call us or drop in an email with your requirements and we shall get back to you instantly with a detailed free quote. You can also review our FAQ page to see the answers to most common customer queries. Always remember that localization is the foundation that will help your website to reach out better and efficiently to your audience and hiring a certified website localization agency like LanguageNoBar will ensure the success of your website.Our project manager/accounts manager works in close coordination with you so that all your requirements are taken care of thoroughly. We send periodic project status updates and deliver exactly as per the schedule committed. If you wish to make your website multilingual, we are here to offer professional translation of the entire content for you.Our support team works round the clock – so you can simply give us a call or drop in an email and we shall ensure that your issue is rectified within 24 hours.Give yourself a great advantage by selecting a website translation service like ours that always works with skilled, native and professional translators.

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