Medical Translation Services – Accuracy is of paramount importance !

Medical translations are the most important when it concerns translation accuracy and industry knowledge. There can be huge implications if medical translation servicesare inaccurate, so there is simply no room for ambiguity or errors. Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation is a highly specialized discipline and should only be carried out by a professional and qualified medical translation agency that can cover all the languages you need in the required deadlines and has extensive experience in the medical domain.Clinical protocols, Patient Information Leaflets or Instructions for Use (IFU) must be adapted to the linguistic requirements of different territories to meet regulatory standards and expand the reach of your products.

Quality oriented Medical Translation Company in India

LanguageNoBar is an ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 27001 certified Language Service Provider (LSP), providing accurate and quality medical translation services. We employ only specialist medical translators who are doctors or biomedical engineers, have experience in particular medical domains and have language degrees with rich medical translation experience. Our specialist pharmaceutical translators have extensive experience of the medical industry, so you can be sure that your translated material will have the same attention to detail as the original content. As a leading company offering professional translation services, our medical translation team is familiar with the industry guidelines and templates and uses standardised specialist terminologies, which, coupled with their expertise ensures that your project is dealt professionally and efficiently.Medical companies across the globe know that they can rely on our medical translation services to provide them with accurate medical translations, adhering to international industry standards.We also offer quality transliteration services for medical documents wherein we simply rewrite the text in another language.

Native and domain-expert translators

When dealing with the translation of medical documents and files, we place vast importance on discipline of language and the understanding of the context. Whether it is Cardiology, Dentistry, Endoscopy, Medicine, Prosthetics, Orthopedics or any other medical field, we have the technical expertise and extensive experience to carry out all types of medical translation services. Our translations are delivered through experienced and skilled translators who are professional experts in the medical field, and who continuously stay updated with new terms and nomenclature in order to deliver a final product with the correct specialist terminology. We have a team of 10000+ native translators who have the skills required for translating content varying in style and complexity. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important principles of our company policy, and we can guarantee it thanks to the high-quality of our services. We offer Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Hindi, Marathi, Russian translation services and translation in hundreds of other languages.

Medical Translation Services that work for you !

The medical industry is highly regulated, which is why we focus on complete quality management and accurate translated output. We cover a variety of medical documentation and specialist topics, including Clinical trial document (ICF/ICD, Protocol, PD), Patient Information Sheet (PIS), Instructions for Use (IFU), Dossier, Normative Documentation (AND), Operational procedures, Consultation reports, Research papersetc and offer Medical translation in over 150 languages – both Indian and foreign.We understand that sometimes you may require your document to be translated within a short period of time, and so the translation work methodology that we have developed allows us to deliver your documents in a timely manner. In case something urgent arrives, we offer Express Medical Translation Services at no extra cost.We also offer translation to NGO’s and other non-profit social service organizations at highly subsidized rates as our own way of contributing to social causes.

Quality Medical transcription services

We have been catering to the needs of healthcare organizations around the globe by understanding the client's requirements thoroughly and providing the services accordingly.We have an in house team of transcriptionists who can work on your audio/video files and create a text file. Our talented and skilled medical transcribers provide quality transcriptions within a quick time through our hi-fi audio equipment that enable them to listen to each and every word clearly. Post transcription, we can translate the text into any language of your choice.

Translation + Design – one stop solution!

You can send us your document in any file format (doc, xls, ppt, cdr, indd, jpeg, png etc.) and our team shall send you the translated output in the language of your choice.We have a dedicated and experienced DTP team that has the expertise of producing localized online or print-ready materials and gives you the output translated file (whether in corel draw, adobe indesign, adobe illustrator, pagemakeretc) in exactly the same design style as the source. Also, the team complies with the linguistic and typography standards of each and every language and target locale.

Quality & Confidentiality policy for medical translation

As an ISO certified medical translation company, we follow a multi-tier translation quality policy that includes translation and proofreading by the native translator, review by senior experts and quality check by our QA team to eliminate any error and deliver you a flawless translated document. This makes LanguageNoBar the ideal choice for even the most complex and specialist medical translation services.Also, we completely understand that medical documents, whether for private or corporate use, are sensitive and for this reason we ensure complete confidentiality of your documents and your personal data. Our agency can sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), if needed. Our support desk works 24*7 and can be reached out anytime and from anywhere!Be assured to get highly competitive pricing by choosing LanguageNoBar as your medical translation partner!

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