Affordable Malayalam Translation Services

Malayalam is primarily spoken in the Indian states of Kerala and Union territories - Puducherry and Lakshadweep and has abundant speakers around the globe. Reaching out to native customers of the Malayalam language can be very helpful while expanding your business in Southern India and a professional translation company can help your company to scale global growth. Our Malayalam Translation Agency, LanguageNoBar has a team of professional and skilled translators, who are experts in Malayalam Translation. Our native translators are fluent in the Malayalam vocabulary and are well versed with the specialized industry terminology, common phrases and the culture of the language - all of which contributes to accurate translation of the source document. LanguageNoBar is one of the popular names in the Malayalam language translation business due to the following reasons:

  • 1. Vastly experienced, native and highly skilled translators who are domain experts
  • 2. Excellent and Certified language translation
  • 3. Language translators have a deep understanding of cultural nuances and requirements

LanguageNoBar, with extensive years of experience, has become a well-known Malayalam translation company in India, rendering its services to a diverse range of national and international businesses. We pride ourselves in our quality, professionalism, reliability and effectiveness in each translation project executed.

Professional Malayalam Translation Services by Experts

We will help you gain a competitive edge with quality Malayalam translation services that are carried out by mother-tongue specialists. Whatever sector your documents fall into, we have linguists who not only have a thorough understanding of Malayalam, but also specialize in a range of subject areas. We can provide you a fully tailored and cost-effective solution to/from Malayalam language, whether you have a literary piece, a college transcript, an E-learning module or a document translation service requirement. Our translators ensure that the Malayalam Translation is complexly context based and not merely a word to word translation, so that you receive highest quality translation standards without breaking your budget.

Structured Quality Policy

At LanguageNoBar, the quality of our translation service is our number one concern! Our translation quality policy is certified and compliant with the ISO 17100:2015 quality standard. The translation is first carried out by our native Malayalam translator, which is then reviewed by our senior, industry expert linguist. After that our QA team does a quality review by following an extensive checklist to ensure that you get an accurate, context-based, precise translation.Since all of our translators are native Malayalam speakers, we can guarantee that all your translations will be fully adapted to the local and cultural taste. We only deploy appropriate subject-expert Malayalam Translators and offer our services in various domains – Medical, Legal, Biological, Technical, Marketing, Software, Websites, Microfinance, Education, Safety Manuals and many more!When you work with LanguageNoBar, the professional translation rates are within your budget. Our team understands the value of your time and will ensure that your project is delivered well before the deadline. Our services include incredibly fast turnarounds, without any compromise on the quality.

English to Malayalam translation services by native Malayalam speakers

All our English to Malayalam translations are performed by the translators whose mother tongue is Malayalam. Our idea behind a perfect translation is that a quality Malayalam translated document should appear to the reader as if it was originally written in Malayalam. Thus, you can rest assured of an error free, on-time Malayalam translation services.

Human Malayalam to English Translation services at the click of a button

We provide 100% human Malayalam to English Translation and do not use machine tools for translation. Our Malayalam Translators have a near-native hold on both Malayalam and English and thus, supported by our three tier quality policy can provide you an error free Malayalam translation experience.

One stop solution for your Malayalam translation and printing needs

As a leading Malayalam translation company, our professional DTP team offers professional and meticulous DTP (desktop publishing) design services in numerous language combinations. The team has expertise in working on a range of multilingual fonts. Also, our team consists of skilled graphic designers, who are able to work with multiple artwork files. You can send us your original Malayalam document in InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, PDF, Microsoft Publisher or any other format and we shall prepare the final files in your preferred format. Our Malayalam translator works in close collaboration with the graphic designers to provide you with a final document that is complete in artwork and ready for printing.

24×7 Availability, Strict Confidential Policy

Our dedicated Project Management team and Client Handling team are available round the clock for handling queries. You can contact us anytime as we are available through email, live chat, phone call or skype 24×7. We aim to provide our clients with an unrivalled high level of service quality, irrespective of their geographical location. Also, your information is safe and confidential with us. Our strict confidentiality policy ensures that none of your confidential documents / information is shared with any third party.We are sure you will be impressed with our committed work ethic, ability to handle sensitive documents and our aim to satisfy your demanding schedule.


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