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With Globalization, the pharmaceutical industry has been showing an increased demand for advanced medicines and is therefore evolving due to a number of market dynamics. Pharmaceutical industry has grown by leaps and bounds globally in the last few years and as a number of eminent companies have presence in multiple countries and even continents, there is an ongoing demand for translation in this industry. As the pharmaceutical industry has to provide translated materials to various linguistic markets, there is a dire need of accurate pharmaceutical translation services to avoid any error.

The Leader in Professional Pharmaceutical Translation Services

The translation of different kinds of pharmaceutical documents into the languages of various countries requires exceptional attention to detail, as well as linguistic skill, as a single mistake can have extremely grave consequences. LanguageNoBar is a leading translation company in India, that has professional pharmaceutical translators who are highly experienced and experts in pharmaceutical terms and concepts. Our skilled translators understand both the subject matter and the importance of detailed attention required for any pharmaceutical document which makes us the pharmaceutical translation services language partner of choice for global pharmaceutical companies.We understand the criticality of pharmaceutical translation services and only work with highly skilled medical translators who are known for producing faultless translations. Our vast network of 10000+ native translators will provide you reliable and accurate pharmaceutical translations every time.Our communication experts and specialists in the pharma translation field, will help you achieve your goals – improving health, developing preventions, treatments and cures and saving lives.Our translators have a thorough understanding of the subject matter and terminologies and will deliver you an accurate and high quality translation. Our professional pharmaceutical translators have worked on long and short-term projects for a wide variety of companies, having operations in various continents and numerous countries. As a professional pharmaceutical translation company, our linguists are fully qualified, native-speaker specialists, having in-depth knowledge of the industry and the required approach.We aim to provide consistent high quality language translation services at competitive prices. In order to achieve this objective we have developed a unique and efficient work methodology in which our Project Manager allocates your project to the best translator by tailoring our process to your specific needs. Our experienced Project Management Team manages every pharmaceutical translation project right from the start to the completion and delivery of the translation and ensures that your message has the desired impact across all your target markets.

Diverse Pharma Portfolio

The terms and nuances of the pharmaceutical industry must be understood without question if an accurate translation is to be made. LanguageNoBar, a certified pharmaceutical translation company, has gained an excellent reputation in Pharmaceutical and medical translation services through our extensive research background and ability to handle project volumes of varying complexity.LanguageNoBar continues to successfully deliver pharmaceutical translations services in the following areas –

  • Clinical trial documents (ICF/ICD/PD/Leaflet)& study protocols
  • Physician& patient questionnaires
  • Regulatory& audit documentation
  • Labels, inserts, instructions & manuals
  • Dossiers
  • Normative Documentation (AND)
  • CRA training materials and videos
  • Adverse events
  • SAR & SOP procedures
  • Scientific journals
  • Quant & qualsurveys
  • Brand concepts
  • Recorded patient interviews
  • Product profiles & data sheets
  • NSA and IND
  • Marketing Collateral

Our skilled DTP team and graphic designers will help you with your deliveries in a wide variety of formats and fonts, in an adaptable and accurate manner with optimal quality translated contents.

Unmatched Accuracy

As a professional pharmaceutical translation agency, we understand that, in the pharmaceutical industry the accuracy of translation projects may have direct effect on patients’ lives, so, we place immense emphasis on the quality and accuracy of our translations. Our meticulous pharmaceutical translation services quality policy is the most thorough in the industry, with a system of checks and balances in place throughout the entire process—from the translation through native translator, to the review by our senior experts. This is further followed by the QA analysis by our quality team that ensures that this complex and elaborate process yields a flawless translation, without any error. We offer pharma translations in 150+ languages including Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Marathi, Russian translation services and many more.

Quick Quotation Turnaround

We deliver translations as quickly as possible. Apart from in-house corporate translators, we also have linguistic experts across different time zones for worldwide translations. Our economical rate includes excellent project management, immediate turnaround times, thorough proofreading, quality check and 24×7 services. This helps us to provide the best-in-class pharmaceutical translation services for all such translation needs.

24*7 Customer Support, Global Service Network

You can be assured to receive quick and accurate translation services from our team. We are committed to providing the fastest pharmaceuticals translation services across the globe. Our support desk works round the clock and will help you with your query instantly. We follow strict confidentiality procedures in the storage and disclosure of your personal data and documents and ensure maximum confidentiality by signing Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) upon request. 

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