Enhance The Popularity Of Your Business With Turkish Translation Services

Need for Turkish translation:

Turkish is one of the widely spoken languages by more than 83 million around the world. The speakers of Turkish language are predominantly located in Northern Cyprus with smaller groups in Greece, Bulgaria, Iraq, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and other parts of Europe. If you want your business to reach these people, you should opt for mobile app localization services. Mobile applications have become more popular, especially with the phenomenal growth of the smart phones. They can be translated into other languages to grasp the attention of native speakers at affordable prices. You can get localization of mobile apps for any operating systems including windows, android, blackberry and Apple.

Our specialization:

Mobile app translation services have been very expensive and are difficult to implement. Moreover, the lack of online translations has been inhibiting several companies to hit the mark of success in the global market. At LanguageNoBar, we have understood that Turkish Translation Services for mobile apps are extremely crucial to take your business to the speakers of Turkish Language. We have a wide range of systems and tools combined with a big pool of professional translators to make certain that your mobile app or website in any language gets translated easily within a short time at reasonable cost.

Translation service of assured quality:

  • At LanguageNoBar, we adhere to high quality translation and work towards quality improvement. We provide necessary resources to our translators and editors to ensure that they understand the context clearly and provide top notch Turkish Translation Services.
  • Our translation team members are armed with style guides, contextual information, glossaries and support materials to produce high quality translation which can reveal out the real objective of the web or mobile app.
  • We complete larger projects inside our intelligent translation arena that includes reserved words and glossaries ensuring high quality translation. In fact, our workbench facilitates real time communication and collaboration with our project managers.
  • We use the combination of contracted, freelance and in house professional translators to handle our clients’ projects in the best possible manner. All our translators are tested and evaluated for skill and quality in the specific language. Currently, we have more than 500 translators with immense knowledge exclusively in providing Turkish Translation Services.

Localization Testing:

  • Apart from providing Turkish Localization Services, we also offer QA testing to the localized website or mobile app to ensure their performance. We analyze translated or localized web and mobile apps by following the testing instruction and procedures properly.
  • We will identify the bugs and report the defects using specific tracking tools. We also evaluate translations of the context using software tools to identify issues in localization.
  • No matter what kind of linguistic issues that your mobile or web app is facing, we can research and solve the problem in no time with our efficient tools.
  • We strictly adhere to quality standards, glossaries and trademarks of the project based on the client’s requirement. We trouble shoot basic problems and escalate the complex testing issues to our expert time.
  • We at LanguageNoBar work as a team to deliver the project to our clients in a timely fashion.

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