FAQ - LanguageNoBar

We are in discussions with a client abroad. We need to share our design concept with them which is in English. Would translating help?

Yes, definitely. Communicating with your client in the language he speaks is the most effective way. An accurate translation shall represent your concept clearly in your client’s language. To know more about the advantages of localization, refer to our blog.

Can I share the complete website back up with you for website localization?

Yes, you can simply share the complete website folder with us for quick website localization services. You don’t need to worry about providing us doc files. Simple share the source code files with us and we shall provide you updated source code in the target language of your choice.

What all languages do you work on?

We offer translation/localization services in 150+ languages and over 900 language pairs. These include American, European, Indian, Asian, African, Australian languages. We also offer translation in a language accent specific to a location (example Brazilian/European Portuguese, Canadian/European French).

We need translation into a language which is not mentioned on your languages page. Can you assist us?

Yes, definitely we can offer you translation services in any language combination you need. In case you do not find the source/target language you need in our languages tab, you can simply drop us an email at info@voicecription.com/lnbliveold or call us at +91-9717065419 or fill in contact form and we shall provide you the required details.

How do you ensure quality?

We follow a multi tier quality policy that includes translation by a native translator, proofreading and review by another professional translator. This is followed up by our thorough quality check that ensures high quality translation. For details refer to our quality policy.

Do your translators understand the context of the content or do they translate it literally?

We firmly believe that context is an integral part of translation. All our translations are done through professional translators who are domain experts. Our translation team first understands the context of your document and then translates it accurately ensuring that the translated version conveys exactly the same information as the source.

How do you translate? Do you use machine translation or you have human translators?

We offer 100% human translation services. Our team of professional translators localizes your content. All our translators are native speakers of the target language and are fully bilingual. We do not use any machine translation tools.

Which CAT tools do you use? We have a TM file in a particular CAT tool. Can you refer that while translating?

We use the latest Computer aided translation (CAT) tools such as Trados, Wordfast etc that improve the consistency of translation and efficiency of our translators. In case you have a TM file in any particular tool/version, you can share that with us and we shall refer that and provide you with an updated TM file.

What is the difference between translation and localization?

Localization actually refers not only to the language, but also the culture, accent and speaking style of a particular location. Thus, if we are localizing a website, we ensure that the translation is done keeping in mind the target location, culture, slang etc so that the local people can identify with the website in their local touch. For more details, refer our blog dated 2 July, 2013.

What is your minimum turnaround time?

Based on the language pair, the domain/subject, the file format and the content volume, we can deliver you the translated version within as little as 4 hours.

Do you provide a fully formatted translated document (with typesetting, formatting etc)?

Yes, all our translations undergo a format check through our DTP team. So, you get a translated document which is an exact replica of the source with the translated text in the target language.

We have a mobile app that we need to translate. Can you assist?

Yes, our mobile app localization services can serve your purpose. No matter whether you need to target your Android, IOS, windows or web app to a specific location, we can offer you high quality translation of your app content.

Our information is very confidential. Would you ensure confidentiality when we share the same with LanguageNoBar?

We understand that the data you share is your intellectual property. We follow a strict confidentiality policy to ensure that your data and your personal information stay confidential.

Do you provide certified translation?

We are an ISO 9001-2008 and EN 15038:2006 certified Translation Company. We can provide you the translation for your certificates into any language of your choice. We certify our translation so that the same is accepted for all official purposes.

How do you choose the translator who works on our files?

We have a team of experienced translators who are experts in their respective domains and language pairs. So, based on your language pair, and the domain/subject of your content, we assign the translation task to an appropriate translator/proofreader.

I need a small document translated very urgently. Can you help?

Yes, you can simply give us a call or email us and we shall get back to you within a jiffy. We shall do our best to deliver you within the quickest turnaround time without compromising on quality.

What is your warranty period? Do you take responsibility for your services?

As one of the fastest growing translation companies headquartered in Delhi, India, we strive to offer high quality translation. We offer an indefinite guarantee for all our translations. In case you find an error in our translation, you can come back to us anytime, any number of times! No warranty cards, no bills required – simply email us and we shall do the needful.

We have a big volume project to be wrapped up urgently. Do you have the team capabilities?

Our translation team comprises of 1000+ native translators who work on different language pairs and domains. Our strong project team supported by our dedicated quality team promises you on-time, high quality localization for any volume that you have.

Do you offer free sample translation?

Yes, LanguageNoBar offers free sample translation/pilot project for quality evaluation purposes. You can contact us and we shall get back to you with details instantly.

How else would you prove your quality so that we can work with you?

LanguageNoBar is an ISO and EN 15038 certified Translation Company. Besides offering a test translation, we can explain you about our quality process, quality checklists etc. We can give you our client references and elaborate on client success stories.

Do you have any quality certifications that can assure us that we shall get high quality translations?

Team LNB has always been focused on quality. We are an ISO 9001-2008 and EN 15038:2006 certified company. Our focus on quality and emphasis on 100% accurate translation/localization has led us to achieving these certifications.

We have bulk elearning translation projects. Do you have translators who can handle educational/courseware content with a quick TAT?

We have translated over 500 million words in the e-learning domain. Our translators completely understand the linguistic requirements of e-learning translation projects and hence offer quality translation. Our substantial team size comprising of project managers, translators, reviewers, quality engineers ensures rapid TAT.

We need to translate our brochure to multiple Indian languages, but don’t know which font would suit. Can you assist?

Our technical team has a complete understanding of vernacular fonts that fit into a particular design software. So, no worries, you can simply share the source with us and we shall give you the translated file in the language of your choice without any font rendering issues.

Can you send your translator to our office?

Our translators work closely with us. We can translate any type of content you need – documents, mobile applications, software, websites etc through our translation experts. However, we cannot send our translators to your office.

Do you offer graphic artwork/graphic design for the translated content?

Yes, we have a team of creative graphic designers who work on different graphic design tools such as corel draw, indesign, illustrator, pagemaker, photoshop etc. So, if you need a brochure/catalog/printable which needs to be translated and also designed, we can offer you complete end-to-end translation and design services.

What file formats do you accept for translation/DTP?

We support all types of file formats for translation and design – MS word (doc/docx), MS power point (ppt/pptx), MS excel (xls/xlsx), MS pub (pub/pubx), pdf, Adobe Indesign (indd), Adobe illustrator (ai), Adobe pagemaker (pm), Corel draw (cdr), Adobe photoshop (psd), image files (jpg/jpeg/ bmp) etc.

We one have the hard copy of the document we need translation for. Can you translate this?

Yes, you can simply scan and share the image files with us. Or you can send the hard copy to us through post/courier or we can arrange to collect it from you.

We got our content translated and we are not satisfied with the quality. Can you help us correct/proofread the content?

Our proofreading/editing services can serve your purpose. We shall get your translated content reviewed through our linguistic experts and offer you a proofread version that is completely accurate and error free.

We notice that you are headquartered in Delhi, India. Our time zone is very different from yours. Can we still expect prompt support?

Our support team works 24/7/365. We offer our services across the globe. So, you can simply drop us an email or give us a call anytime and we shall respond with the details within the hour.

We are applying for a foreign tender. The tender document is in a language that we cannot understand. Can you help us in our tender application?

Yes, our native translators can translate your tender document into English (or any other language of your choice), so that you can understand the tender easily. LanguageNoBar offers quality tender translation in 150+ languages.

Can you help us translating our tender application/response?

Our Project manager shall work in close coordination with you to help translate your draft application into the native language of the country/locale to which the application needs to be submitted.

Can you provide translation for different variants of a language spoken across different geographical locations? We need our English document to be translated into Canadian French & European French, Brazilian Portuguese & European Portuguese, Mexican Spanish & European Spanish. Do you have the location specific translators?

Yes, team LanguageNoBar can provide you translation/localization to/from any language or its variant you need. You can simply share the target location and we shall provide you the translated content/application in the language version spoken in that particular region.