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People tend to speak differently than their writing. Majority of the languages adopt distinct style for writing text comparable to the spoken text. It is significant to make use of translators who are aware of audio experience. At LanguageNoBar, we have proficient audio translators with expertise in audio recordings that can make your project appear as though it is the original source of the selected language. A further concern is that languages utilize different amount of works to indicate the same meaning. Consider French for instance, it uses around 25% more words than that of English. Our audio translators comprehend the significance of having the translated text as long or as short as the original so that it could be recorded easily in the available time.

We apply separate styles to characters

When you have PowerPoint presentation having charts and moderator describing a particular item in that chart, you expect him to say it while laser indicates to the chart and not a minute later. Our audio translator keep such sort of synch points in mind and put all effort to translate them appropriately to make it simpler for the adaptation process as well as for speaker while recording.

We translate,

  • Videos of any subject
  • Telephone systems
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Audio books
  • Websites and other kinds of audio script

Our audio-video translation services use only professional and human translators for carrying out complete document translations. Our translators are all native language speakers, mostly residing in their native country and translate only into their native language to make sure the greatest quality translation possible. We consider quality seriously and use tested translators always.

Who can benefit of our translation service?

LanguageNoBar supplies all top-rated corporations, finance and legal companies, international marketing agencies, healthcare professionals, non-profit, governmental organizations and businesses of any size with superior and flawless audio-video translation services. You can trust

Excellent privacy

You can trust our service to complete your assignment in full confidentiality. You can trust our service for its sheer proficiency in multiple language video/audio translation services as we possess creditable experience in working for leading clients for about a decade. We can help you out with translation of audio scripts for

  • Seminars and conferences
  • Business meetings
  • Radio and TV shows
  • Educational videos
  • Podcasts, webcast and broadcast programs
  • Promotional and advertising material
  • Instruction and training material

We will take across every level of the process from translation, voice recording to timing and transcription, post processing and syncing to render you high-quality, finalized multimedia files in the preferred language of your target market. Our translators also work with highly sensitive multimedia files. They understand the importance of security and confidentiality and work accordingly.

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