Vision, Mission & Values

Vision: As implicit from our name ‘LanguageNoBar’, we strive to bridge the language barrier across the globe. We aspire to become a leading language services company offering unmatched quality, service and support, thus assisting our corporate clients in their ‘cross cultural’ or ‘cross border’ business operations.

Mission: To work as a preferred business partner with corporates, offering them high quality language services, thus supporting them consistently in all their activities involving communication (verbal / written) across different geographies involving language barrier.

Values: Our set of core values define our existence and help us transform our dreams into reality:

Transparency: We have a very clear and transparent work flow. We follow a strict professional code of conduct in all our activities and are completely transparent with our fellow colleagues, business partners and customers.

Quality: Focus on Quality is the spine of our business. Each of our employees is strongly committed towards offering unmatched quality to our clients.

Service/Support: ‘Working long term’ being at the very heart of our business, we strive to solve all our clients’ support requests/complaints within a rapid turn around time.

Work culture: ‘Sense of belonging and ownership’ are the core values that drive ‘Team LanguageNoBar’ towards services par excellence.

Customer Delight: Team LanguageNoBar works with a unidirectional goal of ‘customer satisfaction’ and many a times we are sure to take you by surprise with our exceptional service quality.

Confidentiality: All information from the client (whether personal or project relaed) is kept confidential and is NOT shared with any third party. We have this habit of deleting all the sensitive information after the satisfactory completion of a project.

Environment: Minimizing prints, using recycled paper, conducting environment weeks – are some of our activities towards a better environment.

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