Our Unique Work Methodology

At LanguageNoBar, as a certified translation company, we follow a well defined work methodology for all translation/localization projects. Our years of experience in the linguistic industry have helped us develop a translation services work methodology which ensures that all localization (or localization + design) projects are delivered on time with best possible quality.The translation work methodology allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the target audience and the language market and help us to utilize our most appropriate translators for your project. Our experienced and qualified project managers and translators will use their extensive knowledge and experience to work closely with you to fulfill your project requirements. Our professionals streamline each stage of the translation process and each specialist produces consistent, high-quality work that suits your budget and your timeline, paired with the highest quality in the world.We constantly strive to provide you with the highest quality translations at the most competitive pricing in the industry. Whether you need website localization or any document translation services, we aim to provide you with the highest quality, accuracy and precision of translation output. Regardless of the size of the project, we translate from and into over 150 languages, our main areas of expertise including fields such as medicine, pharmacy, software/IT, marketing, tourism, banking, automotive industry, legal, accounting/finance, and web, among others. Through our project management team and the efficient work methodology, we take our impeccable work ethics and confidentiality very seriously and are able to increase our ability to meet customer deadlines every single time.

translation flowchart

The following points elaborate our translation workflow:

1. Defining the scope

As soon as you approve our proposal, your project is allocated to a dedicated Account Manager, who manages the complete account of your company with us and acts as a SPOC. By understanding the scope of your project, the account manager allocates the job to a Project Manager who immediately takes a note of all your requirements and prepares a work schedule. Throughout the duration of the task, the project manager administers your needs, changes in scope, keeping the project on time and within budget.

2. Translation

The Project Manager then allocates the translation documents/content to an appropriate native translator and defines translation guidelines, style guide and glossary. In case of a big project involving multiple translators, the project manager shares the guidelines and a common glossary to be used by all translators, to ensure consistency in the results. Depending on the client’s requirement, our team may use CAT tools.The selected translator is purely bilingual and is a native speaker of the target language who ensures that the translation is of highest quality by taking care of the cultural nuances, grammar, jargons and industry terminologies.

3. Proofreading, Review and QA check

Our professional and native translator has proven experience in linguistics, translation, editing and proofreading. Once translated, the content is reviewed by an industry expert who is a senior linguist and has a sound experience in the domain at hand and our QA team validates it to make certain the quality is consistent with the translation guidelines. The quality team follows a dedicated QA checklist and our well-researched translation quality policy ensures flawless translation services. In case you need us to provide graphic artwork for your translated brochure, catalogue, manual etc, our graphic team works in close association with our quality team to provide you with a high quality printable

4. Delivery and Customer Feedback

After a final check to ensure all documents, text elements, text-in-figures, etc. have been translated and are adequately formatted, the translation is sent to the customer. Translation memories and glossaries are preserved to reduce your cost for future changes and updates. Feedback is obtained from the client to ensure satisfaction with the job.

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