LanguageNoBar follows a strict quality policy to ensure that all your documents are translated with the optimum quality. We are committed not only to providing quality language solutions to meet client requirements, but also to working towards continual improvement in the processes and operations of our own organization. To guarantee high levels of performance, quality, and customer satisfaction and to ensure that year-on-year improvements and growth are maintained, our quality assurance meets the requirements of ISO 9001-2008, ISO 17100:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 standards.Our Quality Management System is fully documented, regularly audited, and evolves on a daily basis with regular input from our staff and clients.

Multi-tier Translation Quality Policy

To minimize the chances of an error or omission in language or information, LanguageNoBar ensures that the content undergoes a multi-tier translation quality policy - translation, proofreading, review and QA check, from the allocation of the project till the delivery. Our translation work methodology and translation Quality Policy ascertain that all your documents are translated contextually while ensuring that the translated document conveys the same information as the source document. As a professional translation company, we follow the Translation-Editing-Proofreading procedure (TEP) to ensure that the final output delivered to the client is flawless.All our translators have a minimum experience of 8 years in translation in their respective language. Our professional translators are native speakers of the target language with a specialization and experience in the appropriate industry and deliver precise and highest quality translation services.For any translation project, big or small, the below quality procedure is followed –

    1. The file is first translated by a native (Mother-tongue) professional translator with extensive experience in the domain at hand.
    1. The translations are then proofread by the native translator, who meticulously analyzes the text of the target language by thoroughly considering the text of the source language. This ensures that the essence of the text is conveyed clearly, the most appropriate words are used, the content follows professional style guides and contains culturally appropriate references.
    2. Our senior translator with native language proficiency, then reviews the translations and ensures consistency and accuracy by focussing on the right terminology usage and factual integrity to improve the overall readability of the document. This detailed review ensures accuracy and the retention of the intended meaning. The reviewer has access to both the source and the translated document and ensures that the translation is contextually correct as per the source.
    3. Finally our Quality team implements a QA check to measure efficiency and adequacy of the final translation, by following a rigorous quality checklist. The bottom line of a QA process is to have a final check on formatting, context, consistency and accuracy, before sending the translation to the project manager.
translation flowchart
Our translation quality assurance policy employs a series of reviews and quality checks to ensure translation accuracy and precision. Should the complexity of the project require additional levels of quality assurance, we customize the process to fit the needs of the client.We believe that quality and information security is everyone’s business and as such all personnel have a responsibility to ensure they consider both as an integral part of all the work they do. Compliance, risks and improvement is monitored by regular internal audits and is maintained by timely implementation of preventative and corrective action. With a strong focus on quality, we are offering language translation services in 150+ languages.
Our Quality Objectives
To provide efficient translation and localization services at quick turnaround time, with strict adherence to deadlines.
  1. To minimize and eliminate the number of errors and mistakes, and strive for zero defects and customer complaints.
  2. To provide the highest quality customer service and 100% client satisfaction, through integrity, transparency and according to a strict moral code of ethics.
  3. To employ professional translators and linguists that have the required academic and professional training, in order to ensure provision of high quality service to customers at the required levels.
  4. To continuously train the quality team and staff with the recent development in the translation industry and relevant domains.
  5. To monitor and track the implementation and adherence to the quality policies of the company.

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