Get Benefit of Latvian Translation Services from a Reliable Service Provider

Latvian is the official language spoken in the country of Baltic republic of Latvia. It is spoken by roughly two million people. It is also recognized as one of the 23 official languages of European Union. LanguageNoBar offers professional Latvian Translation Services for your complete Latvian translation requirements. We have a wide pool of professionally expertise native Latvian linguists, who are also proficient in localizing the content to cater to the requirements of your customers and target markets. We offer translation from English to Latvian on and vice versa. We render excellent support to all sources of documents, interpretation, subtitling and websites. We promise professional and high quality translation service that suits all your requirements.We also support complete sources of contracts, legal documents, promotional catalogs, informational booklets and user menus. Our translators are the native Latvian translators experienced in all formats and industries of translations. We also localize the translation services to suit the necessities of the local market. The comprehensive range of documents for which we offer Latvian Translation Services include,

  • Course outlines
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Service menus
  • Production guidelines
  • Service agreements
  • Tourism booklets
  • Products agreements
  • Telecommunication materials
  • Promotional guidelines

Expertise of your Latvian translators

Our professional Latvian translators have the potential to offer translation for any project virtually that you might have, including technical material, marketing, legal, medical and financial documents, software and websites. Our skilful project managers will excellently match your project with the translator team that is most perfect for the area of expertise required. Every individual linguist we employ works exclusively in their own mother tongue and within their domain of expertise assuring not just quality translation, but appropriate localization simultaneously. After all the documents are translated, it will proofread and edited by a second professional translator to guarantee greatest possible quality.

Our additional services

.Apart from Latvian Translation Services, LanguageNoBar also offers additional services include video recording, transcription and subtitling services. If you want to have your current video dubbed, a telephone system recorded or a commercial narrated, our native and professional Latvian speakers are accessible to offer you with the expert services. We pride ourselves in supplying cost-effective and quality services, whether your project is large or small, easy or highly intricate. Our translators are highly proficient, as the majority hold degree in philology or translation and possess a specialist qualification. By working with a diverse database of translators throughout the world, we are capable of offering Latvian Translation Services in most of the North American and European cities.Our various Latvian translation services include,

  • Technical document translations, including websites, patents, contracts, user guides, product labels and several more.
  • Diverse Latvian language interpreters (liaison, consecutive, simultaneous, teleconference, over-the-phone) accessible in almost all Latvian city as well as in cities throughout America and Europe.
  • Sworn and certified translations (passports, birth certificates, university transcripts, marriage certificates, medical records and so on) handled by authorized translators
  • Software localization in Latvian language
  • Desktop publishing services (pagemaker, quark, framemaker, Indesign, Illustrator and more)
  • Same-day and overnight Latvian translation services
  • Furthermore, our complete translation projects are checked by senior project managers who also possess an excellent command over the Latvian language.


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