Technical Writing

Technical Writing is a very broad, yet very specific form of content writing. Technical Writing can vary from writing simple instructions for a process, drawing a flow chart to writing complex user manuals, catalogs, machine manuals etc. A piece of technical writing has to be simple, yet have the right technical keywords, so that any reader can understand the technicalities in a very lucid and clear way.A technical writer must have a strong hold on the domain of writing, should know the exact requirements, the end user expectations and then write the content in a very crisp manner. As in any other piece of content writing, a factor of creativity has to be there in the technical writing.

Technical Writing Services

1. At our technical writing company, LanguageNoBar, we have a team of around 50 people who are technical writers in various technical domains. Our project managers understand your requirements, assign the writing role to a relevant technical writer who then puts in his creativity, hard work and expertise to come up with a piece of technical contentthat is unique and matches your specifications. Our review team then reviews the content to ensure that you get a quality technical write-up..2. For software user manual writing, we have a dedicated team of software experts who can understand software languages and can work in collaboration with your designers to come up with a fine piece of technical writing for your software.3.We follow a dual quality check to ensure that our technical writings are unique and error free. Once the content is written by an expert Technical Writer, it is then reviewed by a specialist to offer you error – free Technical Content.In case, the product development itself happens towards the end of the product development cycle, we can work in close sync with your developers in a fast paced manner to ensure that your Technical Writing job finishes well on time.We ensure a high degree of confidentiality for all our content writing work. We follow a strict confidentiality policy and you can rest assured of the confidentiality of your data.

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