The page details all the Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) of using LanguageNoBar services. The user is requested to read these before using any service, part of the website. T&Cs are the legal agreement between the reader and LanguageNoBar for all the services of the website. The management of LanguageNoBar holds every right to change, amend, delete, or add any T&C without any prior notice to the user. User is advised to read these Terms and Conditions of services and the Privacy Policy (recommended) on regular basis to remain up to date. If you do not wish to follow the T&Cs then you must not utilize the services proposed by LanguageNoBar and should not access any part of this website.


  • All services, including but not limited to: translation services, transcriptions, interpretations, Localization, transliteration, graphic design, animation, voice over - shall be done in the manner and form specified and exhibited on the LanguageNoBar website. All services of alternate forms or means requested by the client must be agreed upon by the parties in writing and documented in detail.
  • All requests for aforesaid services made to LanguageNoBar and supply of Source Materials to LanguageNoBar are made subject to these terms and conditions.
  • There is no contract between LanguageNoBar and the client even after the submission of source material unless there is an accepted quote. Once there is an Accepted Quote, it forms a contract between the client and LanguageNoBar for the services mentioned in the quote.
  • The word count may change due to the natural difference between the languages; however, the cost shall be as per the agreed quotation/agreement.
  •  LanguageNoBar Reserves the right to decline services or a quote, which in its discretion (and without any obligation on LanguageNoBar to review the Source Materials for appropriateness, legality, or otherwise) it considers it be inappropriate, offensive, or obscene or contrary to any law.

Provisions for Services

  • Subject to receipt of the due amount applicable and agreed in the Quote by the client, LanguageNoBar will provide services as mentioned in the quote following the best practices, standards, and capabilities of LanguageNoBar. These also include the procedures and practices mentioned on the Website at the time of issuing the quote to the client. 
  • LanguageNoBar is not responsible to review the quality of Source material for typographical or any other sort of error. It will not be liable to correct the errors or omissions in the source material regardless of the nature of the error, or its impact on the quality of deliverables. 
  • LanguageNoBar employs the best practices and standards to provide its clients with deliverables within the time specified in the quote. However, no parties are liable for delays due to force majeure/natural causes like Act of God, Bombing, any other nationwide Emergency, Pandemic, etc. Also, LanguageNoBar will use reasonable endeavors to meet the deadline or issue the deliverables before the specified time. However, if no specified date/time is present in the quote, LanguageNoBar will provide the deliverables within a reasonable time after the receipt of the accepted quote/agreement.

Intellectual Property

  •  Entering into a contract DOES NOT transfer the ownership of any intellectual property in the source materials or deliverables to LanguageNoBar. 
  • All the methodology, skills, know-how, or any other intellectual property owned and used by LanguageNoBar in the performance of services will remain the property of LanguageNoBar. Nothing in the contract transfers its ownership to the client.
  • All the general/non-specific feedback provided by the clients (such as reviews and ratings for the services rendered) is considered to be non-confidential and property of LanguageNoBar. It can be used in part or full, without any obligation to notify, to promote our services. 

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