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Software localization is a specialized form of localization that involves translating software into the language spoken in a particular region. Software localization is different from normal document translation as the software needs to be ‘localized’ to the language, culture of a particular region and not merely translated into the target language. As an ISO 9001-2008 and EN 15038:2006 certified software Localization Company, we have a team of software engineers, linguists, project managers, software testing experts who strive to offer high quality software localization services.

Any type of Software, Any Language

Our team of software translators and proof-readers works on all types of software. Whether you wish to get the graphical user interface (GUI) of your software localized or you wish to get all the components of a software – including Help, GUI, code comments etc. localized, we can handle that with ease. We offer software translation services in over 150 languages including Asian, African, European, American and Indian. In case the software has any images that need to be localized, our graphic design team handles the DTP part, while our translators work on localization of the text involved.

Native Translators, Software Experts

All our software translators are software experts (mostly software engineers with strong linguistic skills). We have a team of 10000+ native software translators who work in over 150 languages. While localizing a software GUI, we ensure that the translation is as compact and impactful as the source. Our translators and reviewers understand that a designed GUI has limited space, and we ensure that our translation fits in the GUI designed originally.

Efficient Work Methodology, Multi-stage Quality Policy

Once you give us a go ahead, our project manager studies the software localization project in detail and prepares a detailed project plan. Based on your source/target language, and the software type, appropriate translators and proof readers are chosen. Our Project management work flow ensures that you are kept updated about the status of the project. Our proprietary multi stage quality policy ensures error free software localization. Once the software content is translated by a native translator, it is then proofread by another professional translator. Post proofreading, the project goes through our quality process. Our QA team does a thorough quality check with the help of a well-researched QA checklist.

Rest   Assured   –   We   Test   your   Localized   Software before   Delivery

Before delivering the localized software, we do rigorous software testing at our end. GUI testing ensures that the localized software looks as good as the original. This testing ensures that the localized strings are not overlapping, truncated etc. A contextual review/testing of the localized software ensures that the terms have been translated accurately and crisply. This ensures that the localized software gives exactly the same feel to the reader as the original software.

Multilingual Marketing of your Localized Software

Getting your software localized from us? Also want to plan a marketing strategy to market the localized software in the target country/region? Our multi lingual marketing services can be of great help. As a language services company, we have a team of marketing experts who handle multi lingual marketing of software products. So, we can not only offer you software localization services but also, device a multi lingual content marketing strategy to help market your software in the country you are targeting.

24x7 Support, Free Annual Maintenance

Our support team remains available round the clock to respond to all your queries. You can simply call us at +91-9717065419 or email us at As a professional software localization agency India, we offer free one year maintenance of the software that we localize. We offer services across the globe – New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Edinburgh, LA etc. We have a widespread branch network across India – Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai etc.


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