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Document Translation- Encompassing a Wide Array of Document Formats

We have been working on translation since years and the file format, domain, language are all different each time! There is a joyous flavor of diversity in language translation. For a particular document (say an MS word file), we can have tens of different target languages from 5 different continents! For the same source/target language, we can have tens of different documents in multiple file formats and different domains! The term document translation encompasses all these boundaries.

document translationOwing to globalization, there has been a tremendous increase in demand for professional document translation services. More and more businesses are getting their content converted into multiple languages for targeting the relevant audience. The term document translation might include content as diverse as medical, legal, technical, educational, business, management, engineering etc. A huge number of companies are offering such services in India.

One of the important points in document translation is retaining the context of the source language. When a document is translated from let us say English to Indonesian, the translated Indonesian version must convey the same meaning to the reader as the source. The translator must clearly understand what the document wants to convey and should then rewrite the content in the target language in his own words, respecting the grammar and syntax of the target language (Indonesian in our example). As such, a professional Indonesian translation company would stick to professional translators who are native in Bahasa Indonesia and shall also get the documents reviewed by a senior proofreader post translation to ensure quality.

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