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Mobile Application Localization – Don’t Forget the Font!

As discussed in one of our earlier blogs, choosing the ‘right’ font is very important when translating content in Indian vernacular languages. Unlike in English, wherein fonts can be changed very easily, changing the font is not an easy task in Indian vernacular languages. Complex conversion procedures/software and sometimes complete retyping of the entire content is required.

Thus, when we plan to localize/translate mobile app content into any vernacular language such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Oriya etc, we must know the font beforehand. That is, the font in which text is to be written in a regional language must be intimated to the translators clearly by the mobile app translation agency. In most of the cases, Unicode font is used for mobile app content.


Different software programs accommodate different types of font. Hence choosing the right font based on application is very important and mobile apps are no exception.

In short choosing the font carefully, can prevent a lot of hassles that can otherwise arise if the correct font is not chosen!



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