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Relevance of native translators in Localization.

Translation involves conversion of content – a document, an image, a software, a website etc from one language to another. As discussed in our earlier blogs, the intent behind translation is to provide a converted copy (in the target language) of the source document that conveys exactly the same information as the source. The content of a perfect translation would appear as if it was originally written in the target language.

Translation is a professional industry wherein we have professional translators performing the role with accuracy. You must have read at multiple places and also read at our blog regarding deploying a ‘native translator’ for high quality translation. Now, the term ‘native’ is used quite frequently in the translation domain. In this blog, we would highlight the relevance/importance of a native translator for performing a quality translation – we shall consider French as the target language for this.

Let us say, we are looking for English to French translation services – i.e. we want to convert an English text (say a technical document) into French. A professional translator who knows both the languages – English and French can work on this and (arguably) provide a good human translation. A person whose mother tongue is French (a native speaker of French) can be chosen for the job or a person who knows both French and English well can be considered.

A native speaker who has been using the target language since childhood (In lay man’s terms – he thinks in that language) knows (mostly) the language in and out and is conversant with the local phrases and the accent. Getting educated in the target language (French in our example) teaches a lot of nuances of the language that might be missed out by the person who has learn the language through an academic program. Thus, for the same level of professional experience, a native translator (normally) can offer better quality human French translation.

Of course, there could be exceptions to this and we can find many non-native translators who do a wonderful job, but in general, a native translator can offer better quality.

Our professional translation company in India, has a team of professional native translators who provide a 100% native human translation in French and 150+ other languages.

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