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Social Media Localization-Pros and Cons Elucidated

These days, one of the toughest challenges for the companies willing to market their products using social media marketing is to choose

Whether the company should handle one single social media account or there should be multiple accounts depending upon the individual markets & regions.

Well, this has been a baffling question for a lot of organizations.

Actually, both methods have got their pros and cons. For example, if you are using one-for-all model, you have Media Localization Services blogto ensure that if the US-centric content is uploaded, it must not make users of other countries feel alienated. Further, you need to rely on the translator tools to allow users to translate your social media profile in their language. However, as we know literal translations are never effective, this model will not work fairly at all times.

On the contrary, if you go for social media localization there are some plus and minuses for that also. There will be no language issues; local initiatives can be easily announced; you can be assured that your content reaches your target audience effectively and that they feel quite engaged. However, this approach may become problematic if you have wide variety of audience. It will be not possible to maintain multiple accounts for each region and manage them simultaneously. Further, your audience may also get confused and may follow a wrong account which ultimately ruins your very purpose.

In conclusion, we can only say that there is no set approach to follow. It is “YOU” who can decide which way to go depending upon your requirements, budget, audience and resources.

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