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Technical Translators – The Most ‘Demanded’ Translators!

The term ‘technical’ encompasses anything and everything that relates to a specialized domain – the technical space could include engineering, medical, legal, microfinance, business, machinery, electrical or any other domain that requires the writer or the translator to have a specialized knowledge. Technical translators, thus, are heavily in demand.

Though hugely in demand, the quality aspect is one of the most critical parameters in tech translation. As discussed in  some of our earlier blogs, a slight error in such a work can have highly problematic consequences. The translation of the design architecture of a camera comes under technical domain. You can simply imagine what can happen, if the design specs of such a critical product are altered while localizing to a particular language. For instance, the original specs, written in Japanese (say), might need translation to English. An error here can lead to huge losses as the product might not function post manufacturing. Thus, a high quality technical translation is a mandate for any business that envisions sustainability.


Just to have another feel of the criticalities involved, let’s say, an automobile design needs translation and an error is incurred during localization. This can be fatal! As an automobile repaired/designed on the bases of an erratically translated manual can lead to causalities and accidents.

In a nutshell, definitely the demand for technical translators is increasing, but the emphasis on quality mandates us to rewrite the topic of this blog as – the demand for high quality technical translators is increasing.

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