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Why Inaccurate Translation Is Life-Threatening ?

Every field, no matter a technical or non-technical, requires translation of some documents at one point or the other. A perfect translation requires that the complex ideas should be 100% accurately translated into the target language. If not done properly, the translation may cause many damages. Out of so many personal and professional damages, one which you even cannot think of is the life damage.

Believe us; a non-perfect translation can even take your lives.

Do you want to know how? Read further-

You must have heard about Traditional Chinese Medicine system. This system has largely been embraced by professional translation companythe US people and has been even taught at the US universities. This system includes the acupuncture, herbs, tree bark and nutritional therapies to find treatment in oncology, renal dialysis and neuro-surgery. However, only a few universities have professors with Chinese language proficiency. Thus, they require knowledge of Chinese translation experts. In such cases, the room for confusion or miscommunication is considerable and the end result can be life threatening for a patient.

Similarly, texts concerned with highly technical fields like clinical diagnosis and surgical procedures should not have any translation malfunctions otherwise it may put hundreds of lives at risk. Further, prime expertise is required in the translation of culturally specific texts to avoid any dispute.

The essence of good translation underlies in getting it perfectly right.This does not mean that the translation should be done word by word only. Instead, a true translation will be done when the translator has in-depth knowledge of subject along with the target cultural.

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